Not to be confused for Pac-Baby (Pac 'n Roll).

"Goo-goo! That's super fun!"
— Pac-Baby, Pac-Man S2E1 Here's Super-Pac

Baby Pac-Man (パック・ベビー Pakku Bebī), also known as Pac-Baby or Baby Pac, is the second-born, infant child of Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, and the younger sibling to Jr. Pac-Man.


Arcade Games

Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man

Main article: Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man

The first appearance of Baby Pac-Man was in Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man. This was a very small cameo however, only appearing on the pinball playfield.

Original Baby Pac sprite.

Baby Pac-Man

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Baby Pac-Man got his own starring role in Baby Pac-Man. Just like his mother and father, he had to escape a Maze while collecting Dots and avoiding Ghosts - but poor Baby had to navigate a pinball table as well.

Animated Series

Main article: Pac-Man (TV Series)

Pac-Baby is a major character in the Pac-Man TV series. He gets into crazy shenanigans, often when Ms. Pac-Man is not watching him. The cartoon is the only instance where Pac-Baby can speak.

World Series

Pac-Man World

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Baby Pac, along with the rest of the Pac-Man family, is kidnapped by Toc-Man and locked in a cage. Eventually Baby Pac is rescued by Pac-Man. In the intro, Baby Pac is shown to be friends with Pooka from Dig Dug.

"Multiplayer" games

Main articles: Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness, Pac-Man: Adventures in Time, Pac-Man All-Stars

Baby Pac appears as a playable character in the multiplayer modes of Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness and Pac-Man: Adventures in Time. Baby Pac also appears in Pac-Man All-Stars, but needs to be unlocked.


Baby Pac-Man, as one would expect, looks like an infant Pac-Man, with a mixture of Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man's traits. Pac-Baby is often seen wearing a bonnet or a hairbow, and almost always has a pacifier. When Baby Pac-Man grew to 20 years old, he had brown hair.


In most of its appearances, no gender is explicitly stated, but the character is generally thought of to be a girl, with her gender being stated a few times. The most prominent example is in 1994's Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures, where Pac-Baby is referred to as a "she" in the opening intro. The only time Pac-Baby is explicitly referred to as male is in the Hanna-Barbara cartoon and several pieces of merchandising/advertising (such as the Kid Stuff record albums), which are likely not canon to the games.


  • There was an episode where Baby Pac-man grew up to 20 years old after Pac-Man slept for 20 years, but baby pac-man’s real name is unknown. That is also why it is unknown who voiced baby pac-man when he grew up.


Character Artwork

Group Artwork


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