Bally Midway (often shortened to just Midway) was an American arcade game manufacturer founded in 1958, which developed and published many Pac-Man games for the United States and European markets. The company went bankrupt in 2009, and is now owned by Warner Bros.

Most (if not all) of the Pac-Man games developed by Midway were released without Namco's permission. Namco was well familiar with Midway's Ms. Pac-Man, and was okay with the development of said game - but after they had realized at least five more were released afterwards, they cancelled their partnership with the company. According to some sources, it was Professor Pac-Man in particular that made them end the distribution contract, which could've been from a multitude of factors surrounding the game.

Pac-Man releases

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Midway also had their own home video game system, called the Bally Astrocade. This console received its own port of Pac-Man, but it was renamed to "Muncher", possibly out of fear of legal action from Atari.


  • Both "Bally" and "Midway" were different parts of the company, with Bally focusing on pinball machines and Midway on video arcade machines. Despite this, most games used both names combined together.
  • There was only one non-Pac-Man sequel to a Namco game unofficially developed by Midway - Gorf, a space shooter that combines both Galaxian and Space Invaders.