"You're going down, lemon-head!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

Bash is a ghost that appeared exclusively in the Sonic Dash PAC-MAN Event. There he was a boss that would launch projectiles at Pac-Man.


Bash is a giant, blue ghost with red gloves, a crown and sharp teeth. His purple eyes are covered in a shade which is formed by his forehead. Some parts of his body are slightly grayer, giving the impression that they're beard and hair. This also hints at his age, which is probably old.


Sonic Dash

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Bash's first and only appearance was in the PAC-MAN Event of the game Sonic Dash. He is a boss who replaces Dr. Eggman or Zazz if the player is using Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man instead of a usual Sonic character.


Based on his quotes, Bash is kind of goofy, with much hatred towards Pac-Man. He'll ocassionaly shout some maniacal laughs, what indicates that, added to the grizzled beard which imply he is old, he is a bit eccentric.

Powers and Abilities

Bash is able to summon Blue Ghosts, that come out from his mouth. They, however, don't move and are purely obstacles. He can also shoot ball variations of them, that act like projectiles.


"You're going down, lemon-head!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

"Bye bye, Pac-Rat!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

"Can’t you just give up!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

"I'll get you next time!"
— Bash, Sonic Dash

"Is that all you got?"
— Bash, Sonic Dash



  • Bash never appeared in a proper Pac-Man, and so is the only character from the PAC-MAN Event of Sonic Dash that isn't a Pac-Man character.
  • He is the only character in the game with new voice clip, as Zazz and Dr. Eggman reuse voice clips from other games while playable characters remain silent.
  • Bash is a shortened form of Bashful, the name of the classic ghost of the same color.
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