Bearserk is a robotic teddy bear that serves as the final boss in Pac-Man Party.


Pac-Man Party

Bearserk appears in the fifth and final board, Celebration Avenue, as the boss of the stage. Bearserk starts out as a teddy bear who sits behind a wall. In front of the wall, there is a plate of jelly beans. As the players pass by the wall, they each take a jelly bean. When all the jelly beans are eaten, Bearserk grows enraged, revealing its robotic components, which include six sharp claws.

Showdown with Bearserk description

Showdown on the party table with Bearserk! Latch on to him and rip off his fur. Use the plataforms to jump up higher on the boss.
Killer Bearserk


  • Bearserk's name is a play on the words "bear" and "berserk".
  • He is the only board who isn't the same species as the other bosses: Kraken and Captain Tentacale are both octopuses, while Arachne and Idmon are both giant spiders.
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