Clown prix

The title as it appears in the loading screen

Clown Prix is a level in Pac-Man World. It is the fifteenth level, fourth boss(es), and is found in the Haunted Funhouse area, the fourth area on Ghost Island. This boss level is unique because Pac-Man is actually facing 15 opponents. It is the only level in the game where Pac-Man races.

Pac-Man must place 1st to win. When Pac-Man arrives at the Clown Prix, he is put in a small car, which is much smaller than the Clowns' cars. The leader of the group says it's not possible to win because Pac-Man's car was fixed so he couldn't use turbo. Another clown dumbly replies with asking the leader "What if he gets some Power Pellets and presses O..." The race then starts. Throughout the race, the Clowns will drop bombs behind them. If Pac-Man hits one, he will spin out, wasting precious time, and losing a health wedge. Pac-Man can bump other racers to their death via bottomless pit. When Pac-Man gets a Power Pellet, the player must press O to get a short burst of speed. There are also fruits that Pac-Man can collect.

Clown racers

2 Clown Racers from Clown Prix


  • The level name is clearly a pun on a racing video game mode titled "Grand Prix".
  • In each of the levels in the Haunted Funhouse areas, Pac-Man enters the level through a clown's head, through the mouth, which is really the door. Each of the clown heads have happy expressions, except for the head that leads to Clown Prix, which looks angry. This may be because there are bosses inside.
  • When Pac-Man World Rally was being made, Clown Prix may have been in mind.
  • A unique fact, Clown Prix is the fifteenth level in the game. There are also fifteen Clown Racers inside.