Common (コモン) is the term used to refer to a jumping ghost in Pac-Mania. The term originated from Japan. Like Kinkys, Commons are a whole other species of ghosts. Genders for the Commons are unconfirmed. However, in Namco Museum, Grey Commons are referred to as female. Green Commons seem to have an interest in Sue, always following her, so we can assume they are male. Commons can only jump in Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps.

Green Commons (Funkys)

Funky is one of the jumping ghosts in Pac-Mania. He, like Sue, will do his best to try and catch Pac-Man, but tends to huddle around Sue most of the time. However, Funky moves as fast as Inky and Clyde, which is pretty slow compared to the others. Funkys can jump, but not as high as Pac-Man. A well-timed jump will clear you over their heads safely. Remember not to jump too late! For the same reasons already mentioned on Sue's page, Funkys will not go to a 'scatter' position since they always use Pac-Man as their target.

Grey Commons (Spunkys)

Spunky is the other jumping ghost. She, like Inky, does not chase Pac-Man unless if Blinky is nearby. Spunkys move as fast as Inky and Clyde as well. Spunkys always jump as high as Pac-Man, so be careful if Blinky is following you. Spunkys have no technical 'scatter' position. But, since Clyde is always their target, they occupy the top-right corner of the maze.


Commons have only appeared in Pac-Mania. However, Funky and Spunky have appeared in Pac-Man 256 but do not jump as they behave drastically different.