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Crazy Cannonade

Crazy Cannonade.png

Valley of the Pirates
Item Totals
3 Apples
5 Bananas
4 Melons (3 in maze)
1 Galaxian
191 Pac-Dots (111 in maze)
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Crazy Cannonade (大砲パニックの巻 Taihou Panikku no Maki) is the third level of Pac-Man World, as well as the third level of the Valley Of Pirates, and can only be accessed after the player beats Corsair's Cove. This level features cannons as its main theme, and uses mechanics previously used in Corsair's Cove like Elevators, and Galaxian Mazes.

This level is pretty easy, as it is in the first world, but gets a little challenging at some parts. You will need to quickly step on the opening hatches of the cannons to get across some cliffs. This level is also mainly about timing too. You will need to often time your jumps to get across points.

The main obstacles of the level are a variety of enemies and contraptions. There are mostly cannons, but there are also Parrots, Cannonball Targets, Sword Skeletons, and Mini Cork Cannons.

In this level you will save Pooka if you have a key. He is located at the end of the level inside a cage like the rest of Pac-Man's friends are.

This level is also the first level to introduce the Super Butt-Bounce power up. It is placed in front of multiple enemies to witness the power of it. Like Corsair's Cove, this level also features the letters, "P-A-C-M-A-N" and has a bonus level. This is the second level to do so.

Unlike Corsair's Cove and Buccaneer Beach, there are cliff hazards and no swimming involved. It takes place in more of a building area.