"I am a genius!"
— Dr. Buttocks, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

Dr. Buttocks is the Netherworld's greatest evil scientist with an ego rivaling that of Betrayus, and is Butt-ler's twin brother. He specializes in inventing evil gadgets with his superior intellect, which he never passes up an opportunity to brag about. He is one of the main villains in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. He hates his twin brother, Butt-ler (and the feeling is mutual). He finds out the Ghost Gang are working with Pac-Man, but he has yet to gather enough evidence to prove it to Betrayus. He is voiced by Brian Drummond (who also plays Clyde and Butt-ler) with a hint of a French or German accent. Which is odd considering Butt-ler has a British accent however the accent difference could be part of a desire to distance himself from his brother.


His ego and arrogance is eclipsed only by Betrayus. Buttocks wears a mechanical claw on one arm. He has a petty rivalry with Sir Cumference whose inventions he often tries to steal. For all his genuine brilliance his inventions nearly always fail.



  • Dr. Buttocks is often wall-eyed when he's on screen, but his eyes occasionally appear normal. Additionally, his eyes are notably tinier than an average Ghost; and when eaten, his glasses will accompany them.
  • According to Butt-ler, their mother hated them both, but she hated Buttocks even more.
  • Despite their rivalry, Butt-ler and Buttocks are able to get along from time to time. They once teamed up to get revenge on Betrayus for his abuse and they also agreed not to help him when he was buried under a huge pile of sand.
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