Fairies are characters that appear throughout the various Pac-Man games. They first appear in Pac-Land, where they award Pac-Man with power-ups and special items that may become useful later on. They return in Pac 'n Roll where a fairy in particular named Krystal helps out Pac-Man.


Fairies are magical creatures with a wing pair that allows them to fly freely. They resemble humans, but much smaller. They seem to have helped the Pac-People for many years (as Pac-Man Monsters and Pac 'n Roll imply). They live in Fairyland, a very green and flowery place. Their "predators" appear to be the ghosts.


  • According to the Atari Lynx manual for Pac-Land, the female fairy in Pac-Man's hat is the fairy princess "Buttercup".[1]



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