Funky (ファンキー Fankii), also known as Camper, is a green Common ghost from Pac-Mania. Like the rest of the ghosts, he is an enemy to Pac-Man. He is also partners with Spunky.



Original Funky sprite.


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At first, Funky appears as a standard ghost. He will do his best to try and catch Pac-Man, but tends to huddle around Sue most of the time. Funky never goes into a 'scatter' position, as he always uses Pac-Man as his target. Starting in Sandbox Land however, Funky is given the ability to jump. Whenever Pac-Man jumps, Funky will jump with him; a well-timed jump will allow Pac-Man to jump over him.

Pac-Man World

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Funky appears in the opening cutscene. Looking outside a window, he catches Pac-Man traveling towards Ghost Island via boat. He alerts Toc-Man that Pac-Man is coming, before nervously stating "I mean...that pathetic fool, trying badly to impersonate you who is clearly the real Pac-Man..." It is then revealed that the ghosts, who intended to capture Pac-Man, accidentally kidnapped Ms. Pac-Man instead.

In the original PlayStation release, this ghost went unnamed, and was assumed to be a generic character. In the Game Boy Advance port from several years later, the ghost is confirmed to be Funky.

Pac-Man 256

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Funky returns in Pac-Man 256, alongside Spunky. Funky appears in packs of four; the quartet moves back and forth, stopping upon bumping into the maze walls. They do not directly attack Pac-Man, but move very fast.

Possible other appearances

These games feature a green ghost similar to Funky, but are not 100% confirmed to be him, as they do not refer to the ghost by name. It is possible they are merely generic green ghosts with no relation to Funky.

Pac-Man Vs.

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The fourth ghost member is green, and is controlled by Player 4. Mario reffers him to green which is the only name we have gotten of it.

Pac-Man Tilt

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Alongside Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, an unnamed green ghost appears, with slight resemblance to Funky.


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