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Ghostly Garden

Ghostly Garden Loading Screen.jpg

Toc-Man's Mansion
Item Totals
4 Cherries (3 in maze)
1 Strawberry
1 Peach
1 Galaxian
2 Bells
245 Pac-Dots (129 in maze)
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Ghostly Garden is the first level of Toc-Man's Mansion in Pac-Man World. This level introduces new enemies including Bats and Torch Skeletons. Pac-Man starts the level near a grave and can grab a Power Pellet to chomp the ghost absently floating around nearby. This level also introduces a new breed of platform, in the shape of brown and purple coffins (green coffins will be introduced later). Brown coffins are very solid, and often stay suspended in one spot, but can move back and forth. The violet coffins follow these same rules, though they will shrink to the size of an eyeball once stepped on. They restore themselves after a few seconds pass. So, if one times their jumps properly, they can hop back and forth between two of them. This technique will prove very useful in the Mansion area's bonus stage, as it allows the player to grab the items just after they spawn instead of having to fan out to try to catch them.

This level is one of the trickiest to find all the P-A-C-M-A-N letters in, so Pac-Man will have to be consciously looking for them if he wishes to complete this stage 100%.

The maze found in this level also introduces an extra ghost-- the teal-green ghost seen at the start of the stage, no less-- bringing the total up to five ghosts. All further additional ghosts will be copies of this one.