Gobblin is Mesmerelda's minion that she rides atop. He first appeared in Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness.


Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness

Gobblin first appears alongside Mesmerelda as she steals the Gems of Virtue from Ms. Pac-Man. He is then ordered to attack her, following close behind Ms. Pac-Man while Mesmerelda flies in the air, attacking with fire. Ms. Pac-Man is able to escape from Gobblin, forcing the creature to flee with Mesmerelda. When Ms. Pac-Man discovers all of the Witch Keys, she returns to Mesmerelda's haunted castle, where Gobblin once again attacks in the same manner as he did the first time. After Mesmerelda is defeated, it is unknown what happens to Gobblin, though he was likely restored to whatever he was before Mesmerelda found him.

Game Boy Advance port


Gobblin in the Game Boy Advance port.

The stage in which Gobblin appears is near identical to that of the home console counterparts, but Gobblin himself looks noticeably different. It appears to lack a bottom jaw, and stretches wider as it's form reaches the top end of the screen out of view, making it's body resemble a flat semicircle that folds to make a chomping movement. Gobblin does not appear in any cutscenes, as every scene was shortened considerably to fit the GBA's limited space.

Glitches (2-in-1 cartridge)

In the bundled version of Ms Pac-Man Maze Madness, Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness & Pac-Man World, there are a considerable amount of extra minor glitches in both bundled games. One of the more drastic glitches is the constant corruption and breaking of the Gobblin stage upon every death. Every time you die on this stage, the graphics begin to gradually worsen to a more and more glitched state.

Although these screenshots were taken on a mobile emulator, these glitches do occur in physical cartridge copies of this game. The singular version of Maze Madness on GBA does not feature the bugged Gobblin stage.

The playability of the stage is not hindered by anything but visuals. The layout remains the same every time, and often obstacles and health pickups will not be visually glitched. The only thing hindering gameplay is graphics obscuring your vision. This glitch has many stages, not limited to the 4 screenshots provided.



Gobblin is shaped like a large, green Pac-Man, though without any arms or legs. His skin is coarse and bumpy, with patches of darker shades of green, and his eyes are swirling yellow and red spirals. He features more intricate and twisted details than Pac-Man's face noticeably lacking the signature Pacman-shaped eyes most characters have, while also possessing wrinkles and folds on his skin. He is able to shift in size, and also has the ability to light himself on fire.


Gobblin bears an uncanny resemblance to a Pac-Man squeaky toy originally released by a toy company called Gabriel back in 1982. Both feature prominent teeth.


  • Gobblin is also the name of the level in which the creature is fought for the first time.
  • It is possible that, hinted by the swirling eyes on his design, one may assume Gobblin may be under control via hypnosis by Mesmerelda.
  • The icon for the Gobblin stage on the GBA port does not feature the grey pumpkin like on home console ports when shown on the pactrometer, but instead a pyramid from Cleopactra.
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