"Here's what you've been waiting for! Oh, yeah! I'm Golvis, the king of rock'n'roll!"
— Golvis, Pac 'n Roll

Golvis is a powerful Ghost who was banished long ago to the deepest reaches of space. He is the main antagonist of Pac 'n Roll. His partner is Jack. Golvis dresses like the punk rockers of the 1980's.



Many years ago, Golvis was banished to the farthest reaches of space for his misdeeds (in truth he was banished for his incompetence), and he has drifted through space in his UFO ever since.

Pac 'n Roll


Golvis uses Jack to vacuum the Pac-people's limbs.

In Pac 'n Roll, Golvis was summoned back from his banishment by the young Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde so he could help them destroy Pac-Land on the day of the Harvest Festival. Golvis arrives on time to fight Pac-Man, though Pac-Man is only in training and Pac-Master instead takes charge, but Golvis used his guitar, Jack, to vacuum the limbs off of the Pac-people thus rendering them immobile. He then banishes them to the farthest reaches of Pac-Land. Pac-Man however was the only one left but luckily he was saved by the guardian of Pac-Land the Fairy named Krystal who managed to get rid of Golvis for the time being. She then teaches Pac-Man how to fight in his new form and with her help he matures and earns his strength thus defeating Golvis. After the fight, the Pac-People are returned home and get their limbs back and Pac-Man becomes a hero for the first time. Golvis is later seen on a raft with Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde where he swears vengeance on Pac-Man, however, Blinky then complains about Golvis' failure to which Jack then reveals that Golvis wasn't banished for being too evil, he was actually banished for incredible incompetence.

Pac-Man Monsters

Golvis returns in the iOS game, Pac-Man Monsters. He has a different appearance in this game, this time being colored blue. He also sports a pompadour, which makes him look more like his namesake, Elvis Presley. Jack has also been given a different appearance, being colored magenta instead of red.


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