Here's Super Pac was the first episode of the second season of Pac-Man (TV Series) and first introduced Super-Pac.

Here's Super Pac

Here's Super Pac


The episode begins when the Ghost Monsters are driving an armored tank armed with a cannon that shoots a brown, sticky substance called Guk. Soon they catch up with Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man in their car as a shot of Guk stops their car (although Blinky was accidentally caught in the shot of Guk). The Ghost Monsters are ready to chomp Pac-Man and his wife in order to force them to disclose the location of the forest that is the main source of Pac-Land's Power Pellets.

Suddenly, Super-Pac emerges through his Super Timewarp Space Hole. After the Ghost Monsters shoot Guk at Super-Pac, he becomes upset that his supersuit is messed up. The Ghost Monsters try to get away in their tank, but Super-Pac destroys the armored vehicle.

Super-Pac uses his heat vision to turn Pinky into a pair of disembodied eyes. He then uses white sheets numbered 1 and 2 to do the same to Blinky and Inky. Finally, Super-Pac throws his Super Timewarp Space Hole to catch Sue and Clyde, causing them to to lose their ghost suites and become disembodied eyes.

Then Super-Pac is invited to Pac-Man's house, where he tosses Pac-Baby extremely high into the air, but catches him. He also tries to get Pac-Man's dog Chomp-Chomp to fetch an object, but the object goes through several houses in the neighborhood and ends up off Earth in outer space. Finally, Super-Pac, in eating food on the kitchen table, ends up consuming half of Pac-Man's house.

After Super-Pac repairs damage to the various houses, he looks for his Super Timewarp Space Hole. After a battle with a Giant Robot Ghost Monster, Super-Pac's chomping is wildly out of control, but he is forced back into his Super Timewarp Space Hole.