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The massive popularity of Pac-Man following its release in 1980 made the game, the series and its characters subject to spoofs and references across popular culture, and has been referenced and/or appeared in various different media, including video games, movies, TV shows, and more; both officially and unofficially. The following article documents references to Pac-Man in other media.

Note that this page does not include licensed Pac-Man appearances within other video games. For information on this subject, see List of Pac-Man appearances in other video games.

Major and Licensed Cameos[]

These appearances are generally larger than others, to the point where Pac-Man's cameo was extensively advertised in the media itself - far more than being a simple reference. These cameos were also seemingly licensed or authorized by Namco (or a related party).

Joysticks (1983 film)[]

  • The games Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man, and Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man appear in this film.
  • Pac-Man himself appears as a scene transition.
  • Ms. Pac-Man and a Ghost appear on the walls of the arcade.

Strong Kids, Safe Kids (1984 VHS)[]

  • Baby Pac-Man (based on the Hanna-Barbera incarnation) appears in a scene with Henry "The Fonz" Winkler. The Fonz is testing Baby Pac-Man by asking if he would follow a Ghost into the woods if he offered Power Pellets; while he initially excitedly interrupted The Fonz, Baby Pac firmly answers "No" after hearing the full question.
  • Pac-Man himself appears as a scene transition, and briefly appears in The Fonz's garage.
  • A Pac-Man puppet can be seen in one scene.

Club Nintendo comics (1990s)[]


Pac-Man and Inky, among others, in Kirby and the Mystery of the Slime

  • A series of comics released in Germany, as part of the Club Nintendo magazine, across the 1990s. Pac-Man only ever made a handful of cameos in the series, though it is presumed that some form of official licensing was in place for his usage.
    • Kirby and the Mystery of the Slime - Pac-Man and Inky appear towards the end of the comic, when Kirby reveals he was in disguise as King Dedede.

GameTap (2000s streaming service)[]


The Pac-Men from A Day in the Extra Life

  • GameTap was a game streaming service established in 2005; it featured various games available to play, including Pac-Man. In addition, many Pac-Man parody videos and commercials were produced by GameTap, including:
    • A Day in the Extra Life: Ebay - A Pac-Man brags about, then regrets, his Ebay purchase.
    • A Day in the Extra Life: Sopranos - The two Pac-Men engage in a riveting discussion.
    • A Day in the Extra Life: Time Is On My Side - Pac-Man's extra lives sing a beautiful duet.
    • Pac-Man Puppet Show - A professional puppeteer delights a crowd of children, followed by a stunning Mariachi performance.

Wreck-It Ralph (2012 film)[]

Pacman wreck-it ralph

Pac-Man in Wreck-It Ralph

  • In the 2012 Disney film, numerous Pac-Man references and cameos were in the movie. Clyde was the Bad-Anon leader, Blinky, Pinky and Inky were seen in the Game Central Station, and Pac-Man was at Fix-It Felix, Jr.'s 30th Anniversary party.
  • Pac-Man also cameos in the film's 2018 sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man are also mentioned, albeit by name only.

Pixels (2015 film)[]

Pacman Pixels
  • Pac-Man appeared as one of the main antagonists in this film. A fictionalized version of Pac-Man's creator Toru Iwatani, portrayed by Denis Akiyama, also appears in the film. The real Toru Iwatani made a cameo in the film as an arcade repairman.

Minor Cameos[]

Adam Ruins Everything[]

Adam Ruins Everything Ms
  • In "Adam Ruins Summer Fun", parody versions of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and a Ghost appear during the video game segment.


  • In the episode "Crime and Consequences", in the fair, one of the arcade machines is a parody of Pac-Man, called "Pac Dog".

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius[]

  • In "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion", a clam chases after Jimmy, Carl and Sheen, which looks like Pac-Man.

Annoying Orange[]

Ghost Eyes
  • "Pacmania" - Pac-Man is in the kitchen, and Orange takes up his place in the game, annoying the Ghosts.
  • "Grapefruit's Revenge" - Orange calls Grapefruit's sister Ms. Pac-Man.
  • "TV of TERROR!" - Clyde makes a cameo behind Orange and Pear.
  • "PIXELS TRAILER Trashed!!" - Orange, Pear, Midget Apple and Marshmallow attend a movie theater to watch the trailer for Pixels, which has classic video game characters, including Pac-Man, invading the Earth.
  • "Annoying Orange vs Ms. Pac-Man" - Orange comes into the game of Ms. Pac-Man to take Clyde's place, this time helping the ghosts unlike where he was against them in "Pacmania". Because of this, Orange annoys Ms. Pac-Man (unlike where he helped Pac-Man in "Pacmania"), like that he calls her "Mrs. Pac-Man" even though she states she is not married, spits out dots all around the maze, and gets his floating eyes onto her face. As Orange once again spits dots all around the maze, Ms. Pac-Man gets so frustrated that she quits the game and breaks through the maze wall, which results in the ghosts triumphing and congratulating Orange, while Orange gets into a Clyde suit and makes another joke which causes the ghosts to groan. Another difference between this episode and "Pacmania" is that in "Pacmania", Orange believes the dots are like Tic Tacs, while in this episode, he says they have no taste. Additionally, the maze from the original Pac-Man game is used instead of the maze from Ms. Pac-Man.

The Beano[]

  • In the comic issue released on May 7, 2016, Les Pretend dresses up as Pac-Man and eats all the food he had scattered all over the floor of his house. However, his parents pay him back by surrounding him while wearing quilts to make them dressed like the ghosts.

Becoming Human[]

  • "Episode 5" - Pac-Man is shown as graffiti by the door.

Bloodhound Gang (musical artists)[]

  • Included on the 1999 albums "Hooray for Boobies" and "Mope" is an infamous Pac-Man cameo, commonly referred to as "Here Comes Pac-Man". The song cuts out halfway through the track, beginning a conversation with a cursing, crack-smoking Pac-Man. He appears as a mascot costume in the music video and concert performances.
  • The clip was referenced by Namco on Twitter in 2019, though replacing "Oh shit" with "Oh snap".
    • A fan-made 3D animated version was also produced.

Bloom County[]

  • In a 1994 comic strip, Pac-Man appears in a café with Opus, complaining about his life.


Bloons Pacman
  • One of the Bloons launches Pac-Man in a few levels. Players can control Pac-Man's movement using the arrow keys. Pac-Man will pop even frozen Bloons. Players can use it as long as the Pac-Man intro theme is playing. This Bloon was removed in Bloons 2, alongside all console ports, presumably because of copyright.

Chasing Ghosts Beyond the Arcade[]

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  • The online game "The Great Chowder Escape" is a parody of Pac-Man where the player controls Chowder, with Panini as the ghosts.

Class of 3000[]

  • In one episode, the main cast were shown in a parody of Pac-Man while Eddie was making the "wakka wakka" sound effects.

The Cleveland Show[]

  • In one episode, when a guy mentions he wants to play Ms. Pac-Man, Cleveland dies just like Pac-Man.


CollegeHumor Pacman
  • "Pacman Ghosts Discuss TV" - While Pac-Man eats the dots in the maze, the ghosts talk about popular television shows. They also discover that Clyde has never watched 24, and they laugh at him.

Cracked Magazine[]

Pac-Man in Cracked Magazine
  • In a comic story that parodies The Simpsons, Pac-Man can be seen on Luigi's hat.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (book series)[]

  • In the book “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” (the sixth installment in the series), Greg and Rowley attempt make a Pac-Man machine entirely out of cardboard. They cut a line through the cardboard to act as the maze walls, planning to use popsicle sticks (in Pac-Man and the Ghosts’ likeness) along the path; however, they accidentally cut the maze out of the cardboard entirely, rendering the machine useless.
    • Somewhat strangely given the source material, the Pac-Man artwork on the arcade machine (and even the maze itself) are near-perfect recreations of the actual game.


  • In the mobile app of the Discord messaging platform, a Pac-Man-based image appears in the "Connections" menu under Settings. For unknown reasons, this does not appear in the desktop version.

Dorkly Bits[]

  • "Ms. Pacman's Secret Life" - The ghosts chase Ms. Pac-Man around the maze, wanting to make out with her, but it turns out that Ms. Pac-Man was really Pac-Man in drag.
    Pac-Man wedding
  • "Pacman's Family Problems" - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man get in a fight.
  • "How Blinky Died" - When Pac-Man asks Blinky how he became a ghost, a flashback shows Blinky as a human, hanging himself on a ceiling fan. However, Blinky says he died by saving orphans from a burning church.
  • "Mario Meets With His Agent" - Pac-Man is seen in a framed picture.
  • "Pac-Man Plays Skyrim" - Ms. Pac-Man nags Pac-Man for doing nothing but playing Skyrim.
  • "Pac-Man's Pac-Wedding" - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man get married and have a wedding party with a group of other Pac-People.
  • "How PAC-MAN Finally Got Got!" - Pac-Man barfs out Pac-Dots and dies, as if Pac-Man's death was realistic.

Drawn Together[]

  • "Gay Bash" - The cartoon version of Pac-Man appears in the episode where he states that Ms. Pac-Man was just him in drag.
  • "Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care" - Captain Hero's room has a poster of Pac-Man.
  • "Spelling Applebees" - There is a scene where Captain Hero imitates Pac-Man.

The Fairly OddParents[]

  • "Balance of Flour" - Poof eats brownies like Pac-Man.
  • "Poltergeeks" - The Pac-Man Ghosts are seen alongside with Danny Phantom.
  • "The Terrible Twosome" - As Poof chases Timmy and Sparky, it resembles Pac-Man.

The Electric Company (magazine)[]


The Family Circus[]

Bk familycircus
  • One comic showed one of the kids dreaming that Pac-Man ate him.


Pacman emoticon
  • A Pac-Man emoticon - based on the typing of ":V" - was previously available in Facebook; it was removed in 2016.

Family Guy[]

Family Guy Pacman
  • In "Stuck Together, Torn Apart", three of the ghosts try to cheer Pac-Man up after breaking up with Ms. Pac-Man.
  • In "Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story", Stewie and Brian are playing Pac-Man.
  • In "Meet the Quagmires", Peter plays a game called "Menstrual Ms. Pac-Man".
  • In "Road to the Multiverse", Brian is playing Pac-Man, showing Stewie as Pac-Man, and the rest of the Griffin family as the ghosts.
  • In "Joe's Revenge", Peter mimics the Pac-Man "game over" sound effect.
  • In "Candy Quahog Marshmallow!", Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man are seen in bed during a cutaway.

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends[]

  • "House of Bloo's" - A monster chases after Bloo, which looks like Pac-Man.


  • There is an episode featuring a Ms. Pac-Man machine.


  • In one episode, Pac-Man is the general. He gets shot by a Space Invader and dies. Then Ms. Pac-Man comes and starts sobbing over him.
  • In another episode, Hermes and the Professor play checkers using game pieces that resemble Pac-Man and the dots, and it makes the Pac-Man eating sound when it makes a jump.
  • In another episode, an arcade machine can be seen, called "Pac Person", with similar characters.

Garfield (comics)[]

  • A 2011 Sunday comic strip showed the logo box in a maze with Garfield as Pac-Man chasing a ghost-like creature. The Garfield logo was also shown in the same form as the Pac-Man logo.

Good Burger 2[]

  • In the movie, Ed is seen playing a Jakks Pacific Ms. Pac-Man Plug and Play console.
    • The artwork featuring Ms. Pac-Man and other Namco games are notably removed from the console, being covered up by red and yellow color rectangles filling up the missing space.

Gravity Falls[]

  • In one of the episodes, there is a video game called "Ghost Maze", which is a parody of Ms. Pac-Man.


  • In the episode "Dance of the Dead", Kon ate some possessed cheese which made him fart out some ghosts that looked exactly like Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde from PAC-MAN, only green. Soon after, a Wicked Cool Transition showed one of the ghosts going across the screen while a giant cheese wheel, missing one slice of cheese so that it looked like PAC-MAN rolled by, chasing after it.
  • In the episode "The Snuffles with Snarffles", Kin was seen playing PAC-MAN. PAC-MAN and the ghosts were replaced by cheese and farts, which was also a reference back to the episode "Dance of the Dead", where they were previously parodied.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2[]

  • When considering what he would use his newfound terraforming powers for, Quill stated he would construct a giant statue that included Pac-Man.
  • When his father, Ego, attacks him after forming a likeness of himself out of rocks, Quill counters by forming a likeness out of Pac-Man using yellow rocks.

Happy Tree Friends[]

False Alarm 20 (1)
  • In the irregular-episode "False Alarm", which was featured in the Xbox 360 game "Happy tree Friends: False Alarm", Nutty accidentally crashes his "stolen" car into Lifty and Shifty. They both get killed and their heads turn into Pac-Man and a ghost, respectively, as it plays a sound similar to the game over theme.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi[]

  • In "Ami's Secret", Yumi and Ami are playing a Pac-Man parody, with Yumi as Pac-Man, and Ami as a ghost.


  • "iStage an Intervention" - This episode includes a spoof video game of Pac-Man, called "Pak-Rat".

Looney Tunes[]

Looney Tunes Pac-Man Taz-Man
  • "Taz-Man" - The online game at is a parody of Pac-Man. Taz is Pac-Man, and Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig are the ghosts.
  • "Loons: The Fight for Fame" - In this video game, the mini game "Temple Run" is a parody of Pac-Man.

MAD (TV series)[]


Pac-Man chasing people in Super 80's

Mad Pacman Cartoon Network
  • "Super 80's" - There is a scene where people are being chased by Pac-Man.
  • "Diary of a Wimpy Kid Icarus" - Pac-Man is seen getting chased by the ghosts. Later, Ms. Pac-Man appears as a school teacher.
  • "ParaMorgan" - The ghosts appear in this sketch.

Man on the Moon[]

  • Jim Carrey and Danny DeVito get a Ms. Pac-Man machine.

Masters of the Universe (film)[]

  • Ms. Pac-Man is one of the arcade games at Robby's.

Mega Photo (App)[]


In the iOS version, there is a reference of Pac-Man game that was only available on Mega Photo Pro

Monsters vs. Aliens (TV series)[]

  • At the end of the episode "Maximum B.O.B.", Pac-Man sound effects play when B.O.B. gobbles up all of his clones.

The Mr. Men Show[]

  • One of the plots in the episode "Games" has Mr. Nervous imagining he's in a haunted maze chased by ghosts, but he's really playing PAC-Man.

My Little Pony[]

  • The Equestria Girls special Mirror Magic shows Pinkie Pie acting like Pac-Man in one scene


Numberblocks Pacman
  • In the episode called "The Team Factor", a Pac-Man Eight chases a ghost Sixteen.

Off the Mark[]

  • In a 2011 comic strip, Ms. Pac-Man catches Pac-Man wearing her bows.
  • There is also a strip where Pac-Man is begging for food.

Oretachi Hyokin-Zoku (オレたちひょうきん族)[]


Overhead shot of the Oretachi Hyokin-Zoku maze

  • There is a segment where two Pac-Men (played by Akashiya Sanma and Takeshi Kitano) play a real life game of Pac-Man. It may be among the earliest Pac-Man parodies to appear on television, being dated around 1981.
  • In the first game, Pac-Man gets cornered by the ghosts; he is then violently beaten on the head with large sticks. In the second game, the ghosts bizarrely run away from Pac-Man. In the third game, the ghosts run extremely fast, trapping Pac-Man and striking him on the head instantly. In the fourth game, Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet, and beats the ghosts in the same way they did to him. In the final game, Pac-Man gets a Power Pellet once again; but the ghosts ignore this, and thrash him anyway.

Pawn Stars[]

  • In one episode, one of the characters has a dream that he is on a game show, where he is asked who the orange ghost (Sue) in Ms. Pac-Man was. In the same episode, a Pac-Man table arcade machine is briefly seen.

Phineas and Ferb[]

  • "Undercover Carl" - Ferb eats cheese just like Pac-Man.

Real Time with Bill Maher[]

  • Rows of Pac-Men appear in some variants of the opening intro.

Regular Show[]

  • In "Just Set Up the Chairs", when the Destroyer of Worlds is defeated, it turns into a Pac-Man style cherry that can be consumed for 100 points.

Rocko's Modern Life[]

  • In the episode Frog's Best Friend, there is a scene where Mr. Bighead (assuming the role of the ghosts) is being chased by Earl (assuming the role of Pac-Man (Additionally, akin to Pac-Man, Earl eats Pac Dots while chasing Mr. Bighead)) in a maze resembling the one in the original Pac-Man.

Robot Chicken[]

  • "Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba" - There is a scene that parodies The Matrix and Pac-Man.
  • "Fool's Goldfinger" - Pac-Man and the Ghosts appear at a video game show.
  • "The Core, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover" - There is a scene where Pac-Man eats Sam Wheat.
  • "Butchered in Burbank" - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man appear in a few scenes.
  • "Stone Cold Steve Cold Stone" - Pac-Man teaches some Pac-Kids at a school.
  • "Chipotle Miserables" - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man appear in a parody of Paranormal Activity.

Sanjay and Craig[]

  • "Maximum Denis" - In the Frycade, there is a game called "Cul de Sac-Man", which is a parody of Pac-Man.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off[]

  • The title card for the sixth episode, "WHODIDIT", is stylized after the Pac-Man logo as it appears in the Nintendo Entertainment System version.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (film)[]

  • When they are playing a ninja game, Scott tells Knives that Pac-Man was going to be called Puck-Man, but it was changed due to one of the letters being slightly scratched out.
  • When trying to impress Ramona, Scott tells her the same thing he told Knives.


  • A Ms. Pac-Man machine is the focus of several scenes in the episode "My Own Private Practice Guy" of the TV show Scrubs. Todd comments that Ms. Pac-Man must eat the dots. Dr. Kelso is also an expert at the game, with an impossibly high score of 40,000,000.

Sesame Street[]

Sesame Street Pac-Man parody
Elmo Playing Pac Man
  • "Elmo's World: Teeth" - Elmo plays a game of Pac-Man, but Pac-Man is replaced by clacking teeth.
  • A photo featuring Cookie Monster uploaded on Sesame Street's Tumblr page features a "Delete Cookies" parody of Pac-Man to promote the DVD release of Elmo's Alphabet Challenge.
  • The 2012 direct-to-video special Elmo's Alphabet Challenge features a spoof of the game. A. B. C-more appears in the form of the ghosts, and Elmo as Pac-Man, moving around the maze and looking for various items beginning with different letters. Elmo makes a "Muncha Muncha" sound as he moves in lieu of Pac-Man's "Wakka Wakka" noise, which Elmo claims is merely a noise he makes when he is hungry.
  • There is also a Pac-Man-type game on called "Cookie Monster Chase", where Cookie Monster is Pac-Man and the Martians are the ghosts.

South Park[]


Pac-Man, alongside Mario, in Imaginationland

  • "Imaginationland Episode III" - Pac-Man and the Ghost Gang are seen.

SpongeBob SquarePants[]

  • "Just One Bite" - the character Squidward Tentacles traps himself in a vault and goes into a montage of devouring Krabby Patties. One scene in the montage shows Squidward eating a trail of patties akin to Pac-Man with a similar munching noise akin to the original game.
  • "The Cent of Money" - When the scene shows the fish playing the arcade games, one of them has a character and game similar to Pac-Man.
  • "Treats!" - At the beginning of the Snail Bites commercial, there was an allusion to Pac-Man.
  • "Krusty Kleaners" - When SpongeBob and Patrick try to find their way out of the cubicle maze they accidentally created, it briefly shows them going through a maze that greatly resembles the classic Pac-Man maze.
  • "Boss for a Day" - When Mr. Krabs (while in a body cast) freaks out over his customers leaving, his eyes briefly turn into Pac-Man and a ghost, among other things.

Square One TV[]

Mathman Pac-Man parody
  • The "Mathman" segments from the show was a parody of Pac-Man. The segments feature a Pac-Man-like character named Mathman. Mathman's objective was to run around a Pac-Man-like maze board (the traditional dots were replaced with + and - signs) and eventually encounter a number or polygon. He would then have until the count of three to determine if that number/polygon was consistent with a given category (see examples below), and if so, eat it. If he made a mistake, his enemy Mr. Glitch would eat him, ending the game in a disaster. During the later seasons, the format of the game was changed so that Mathman would have to decide if a certain statement (read aloud by the game's announcer) was true or false, and then eat the letter T or F. These were usually general-knowledge statements about math (e.g., "True or False? Mathematics and arithmetic are the same thing") rather than questions that required actual problem-solving skills. If Mathman was able to eat all the correct numbers/polygons or answer his questions correctly, he was awarded a free game. However, Mathman accomplished this feat only a handful of times. On at least one such occasion, a giant Mr. Glitch ate Mathman as soon as the free game began. Occasionally, Mathman did not play the game himself, making Mr. Glitch the contestant. If he answered incorrectly, he would be eaten by Mathman (or on one occasion, Mathman's dog Mathdog). Interestingly, on one occasion, Mr. Glitch got away with an incorrect answer, but on the second incorrect answer, he was eaten by a giant Mathman. Whenever Mathman moves around the maze he repeatedly says "Mathman, Mathman, Mathman" similar to Pac-Man's "wakka wakka wakka".

Station Zero[]

  • In one episode, Pac-Man is mentioned by Scooter.

Tad, the Lost Explorer[]

  • While trying to get rid of Odysseus, the mummy sees different signs showing how to get rid of intruders. One of them shows a symbol of Pac-Man eating dots.


  • Jim becomes addicted to Pac-Man in one episode.


Taz-Mania Pac-Man spoof
  • In the episode "War & Pieces", Taz plays a video game similar to Pac-Man, in which Taz moves around a maze eating a trail of Bugs Bunny's, like how Pac-Man moves around the maze eating dots.

Teen Titans Go![]

  • In the episode "Girl's Night Out", the boys are seen eating fries as though they were Pac-Man while making "wakka wakka wakka" sounds.
  • In another episode, Raven and her clones played the part of the ghosts in a parody of Pac-Man called "Circle Guy".

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)[]

  • A rebranded Pac-Man clone titled "Mutant Munchies" was released by 4Kids Entertainment, which was based on Paul Neave's Pac-Man port for Adobe Flash. Pac-Man elements present are replaced by elements from the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series: Michelangelo replaces Pac-Man, while the Droids Mouser, Droido, Bitey, and Steve (based on the Mousers from the series) replace the ghosts; albeit the Droids still have the original ghost colors, eyes and scared expressions. Maze walls are turned into sewer pipes, pizza slices replace Power Pellets, and many sound effects and music are replaced by songs and voices from the show. Despite this, some remaining sounds from the original Pac-Man and Neave's Pac-Man remain, such as eating the ghosts and earning an extra life. Earlier versions of the game feature even more original Pac-Man sounds.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (となりの怪物くん)[]

Tonari pacland
  • A spoof of Pac-Land is shown briefly on episode 1.

The Rock-afire Explosion[]

  • Pac-Man is seen in the opening of the documentary.

The Simpsons[]

  • "Homer & Ned's Hail Marry Pass" - Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man get married.
  • "I Married Marge" - Mr. Burns plays Ms. Pac-Man.
  • "Lisa's 1st Word" - Marge says Lisa first spoke when Ms. Pac-Man struck a blow for women's rights.
  • "A Tale of Two Springfields" - Homer sings a line from "Pac-Man Fever".
  • "Angry Dad: The Movie" - A Ms. Pac-Man machine is hit by a fire extinguisher.
  • The Simpsons Pac-Man- the online game is a parody of where you play as homer and Mr. Burns, Smithers, and Ned Flanders are the ghosts.
  • "Comic Book Guy's Book of Pop Culture" - Comic Book Guy owns a shirt that says "I've got Pac-Man fever, give me a Tetris shot".
  • "Simpsons Comics #102" - In the comic "Uncle Burns", at an arcade, when Mr. Burns calls Homer a "Fat Round, Yellow Oaf", Homer thought he was referring to the Pac-Man machine he was standing by.
  • "Sky Police" - Pac-Man is mentioned by Marge.

The Muppets[]

  • "Comic Strip by Guy and Brad" - Robin earns a badge for playing the game.
  • In a DxD video, Kermit does an impression of Pac-Man.

The Office[]

  • In the pilot episode, Michael refers to Todd Packer as "Pac-Man."
  • In the episode "The Farm", Packer refers to himself as "the Pac-Man."

The Way, Way Back[]

  • Twice in the film, Owen is seen playing Pac-Man when Duncan comes to him at a restaurant.

Tiny Toon Adventures[]

Tiny Toons Pacman
  • "Gang Busters" - Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck play Pac-Man using their eyes with similar sound effects (which was the "waka waka").
  • "Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose" - There is a game that is like Pac-Man, where Babs Bunny is in a maze and has to rescue Fifi LaFume, Calamity Coyote, Little Beeper and more while avoiding enemies like Dizzy Devil.
  • "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian" - Montana Max plays a spoof game called "Plane-Man", where Pac-Man is a plane.


  • In Transformice, there is a title achievement called "Pac-Mouse". Short and long plank skins of Pac-Man appear in the shop.

Tron (Disney film)[]

  • During the scene where Tron and Ram escape from the Light Cycle arena into the system, Pac-Man can be seen behind Sark.

The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat[]

  • In the episode "Star Trash", Felix the Cat is distracted by Poindexter's old Master Computer which only now plays video games. The video game Felix plays features Pac-Man characters, and gameplay audio from the Atari 5200 version of Pac-Man can be heard.

Wayne's World[]

  • In the 1992 movie Wayne's World, Wayne Campbell (played by Mike Myers) asks what the difference between Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man is "really". Noah Vanderhoff says she had a bow in her hair, making Wayne telling him to get out of town.

What We Do in the Shadows (2014 film)[]

  • Viago and Nick hold a lemon and a handkerchief up to a mirror to look like Pac-Man chasing a ghost.


  • In the secret floor (Episode 3/Floor 10), the player begins in the Pac-Maze. The dots are replaced with chalices, the fruit is replaced with crowns, and the Power Pellets are replaced with extra lives. The most notable part about this level is the inclusion of the Ghosts; they appear as enemies in the floor, but the player cannot kill them. When touching the ghosts, the player will lose HP quickly.
    • In the Mac/3DO Ports. the Ghosts' designs are more detailed. Clyde is colored yellow while Pinky is colored green.
    • In the PS3 And Xbox 360 Ports. the ghosts are replaced with fake Hilters, presumably due to copyright reasons. However, Blinky still appears in Episode 6 Floor 10.

Unintentional Cameos[]

There are many instances where a Pac-Man "cameo" appears in a piece of media, but it was most likely unintentional or coincidental. A few common examples include:

  • Usage of Pac-Man sound effects, particularly those from the Atari 2600 version. This occurs due to a commonly used stock sound effect, which was recorded from the game (commonly paired with Donkey Kong Atari 2600 sounds as well).
  • Pac-Man arcade machines appearing as background objects and/or props, without being actually alluded to in the script. This happens in various live-action movies, shows, etc.

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