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Magma Opus

Magma Opus Title Screen.png

Item Totals
PacCherry.jpg 5 Cherries
PacOrange.jpg 5 Oranges
PacApple.jpg 4 Apples
PacMelon.jpg 2 Melons
226 Pac-Dots
2 (bonus)
Previous Level
Next Level

Magma opus.jpg

Magma Opus is the third level in the Lava area of Pac-Man World 2. This level is made with more lava sections than Volcanic Panic and is the level right before Clyde in the Caldera. This level is also full of rising and falling platforms, killing Pac-Man if he does not manage to make it across lava sections and does not have the metal power up scattered throughout the level. This takes place in the magma chamber of the volcano. Stony also appears two times in this level and in fact, Pac-Man has the ability to defeat Stony both times in this level by using the steel ball power-up and butt-bouncing on him.


  • This level has a sliding part that resembles slide levels from Super Mario 64.
  • The level name is a pun on the Latin term "magnum opus", meaning "masterpiece".
  • The level, unlike its sister levels Into the Volcano and Volcanic Panic, is significantly harder.
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