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Mappy (マッピー Mappī) is the protagonist of the Mappy series. He has made numerous crossover appearances in the Pac-Man series.

Appearances alongside Pac-Man

Pac-Man World Rally

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Mappy is an unlockable character in the PSP version of Pac-Man World Rally. He is unlocked by beating all cups on Normal difficulty.

Pac-Man E1 Grand Prix

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In Pac-Man E1 Grand Prix, Mappy will give Pac-Man a ticket if he is caught violating traffic laws.

Pac-Man Arrangement +

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Portraits of Mappy, Goro, and Meowky appear on the walls of some levels. Said levels are based on the red-roofed house from the original Mappy arcade game.

Super Smash Bros. series

Main articles: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Much of Pac-Man's moveset is based on Mappy. His Up-Special lets him bounce on trampolines identically to how Mappy does, and one of his taunts summons an 8-bit Mappy sprite.

Mobile Games

Mappy Showdown! Neo Nyamco Gang

Main article: Mappy Showdown! Neo-Nyamco Gang

Blinky and Inky appear as bosses in this game. Pac-Man is also an unlockable character.

Pixel Runner!

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Mappy, Goro, and Meowky are unlockable characters. They appear alongside Pac-Man and the Ghost Gang.


  • Mappy was originally going to appear in Pac-Man World, but was cut out last minute. A design document lays out how he would appear in-game, which is seemingly the same as how Jr. Pac-Man is captured in the final release.[1]
  • In the game Mappy Kids, Pac-Man makes a cameo appearance in a spot-the-difference minigame, and Ghosts appear in the crowd of the sumo wrestling minigame.



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