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"Oh!! I must have those power pellets! Go find me the Power Pellet Forest!"
— Mezmeron

The Ghost Wizard of Mezmeron (メズメロン Mezumeron) is the main antagonist of the Pac-Man animated series. He is the uncle, and leader, of the Ghost Monsters, and his main goal is to steal all of the Power Pellets in Pac-Land from the Power Pellet Forest.


Mezmeron is a foreboding wizard in a red cloak with a mouth cover. He speaks through an electronic filter. His main goal is to capture Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, seize the Power Pellet Forest, and harness the energy of its Power Pellets to conquer Pac-Land.

Mezmeron seems to never want to do anything himself; his main role in the series is to give orders to the Ghost Monsters, then verbally and physically abuse them when they fail or do something wrong (which happens a lot). Even though he is able-bodied and quite powerful and resourceful, he has rarely directly antagonized the Pac-People himself. He just keeps sending the Ghost Monsters out on one doomed-to-fail mission after another. Mezmeron is also shown to be short-tempered, particularly with the Ghost Monsters' lack of intellect and the tendency to fail a lot.  

Nothing is known about his background or his motivations beyond his sole stated goal, "I must have those Power Pellets!!". When he does manage to get them in the episode "The Day The Forest Disappeared", he uses them to syphon and control Pac-Land's power. For a brief period of time, this leaves Pac-Land at his mercy, though it is never outright stated what he intends to do with it.

It has been shown that Ghost Monsters are able to wear his cloak after being chomped by Pac-Man. Mezmeron has an entire closet full of identical cloaks in the same room where the Ghost Monsters' extra skins are kept.


  • It is presumed that some later Pac-Man villains, such as Ghost Witch of Netor, the Ghost Lord, and Spooky, took inspiration from Mezmeron. The Ghost Witch of Netor, in particular, has an almost identical personality and role to Mezmeron.
  • Mezmeron's name is derived from the word "mesmerizing", which can be translated into Japanese as "Miryokuteki"; which, coincidentally, is Spunky's Japanese name.
  • Mezmeron’s mouth is never revealed.
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