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Miru (ミル Miru) is a friend of Pac-Man. She is a Ghost, but means no harm against others.


Pac & Pal

Original Miru sprite.

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In this game, Pac-Man has to collect all of the fruits in the Maze. Miru helps him by picking up fruits and bringing them into the Ghost Pen.


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Miru appears as a playable character in Minecraft's Pac-Man DLC. She is the only character aside from Pac-Man himself who is unlocked by default.

Other appearances

Namco Museum Volume 4

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A very tiny cameo; Miru sits next to Jr. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man in the Theater, fist-pumping to the Pic-Pac band.

Pac-Man Vs.

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In the Nintendo DS version of Pac-Man Vs. (included in Namco Museum DS), an 8-bit Miru mural appears in the "Block" level.


Miru is a green, blob-like character, similar in appearance to Kirby. She has no mouth, but has very large, cute eyes. She wears a pink bow and shoes.


  • Miru and Orson are the only ghosts in the series who become permanent allies of Pac-Man's.
  • Miru was briefly considered to have a role in Pac-Man World, but did not appear in the final game. She was likely cut out due to Pac & Pal not being released in North America by that point (in which the World series was developed).
  • The name "Miru" is sometimes written as "Mil" in official Pac-Man media. This is most prominent in her Pac-Man Vs. cameo, and also appears in various write-ups about Pac & Pal. In actuality, however, Mil is just a mistranslation of Miru, and the proper name is Miru in both English and Japanese.



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