"You know, you remind me a lot of myself. But I'm too old to go chasing ghosts now. And I can't eat as many Cookies as I used to. But there's two things I know for sure- Cookies need eating...and ghosts need chasing. The world needs Pac-Man, to inspire us to play, to dream- dreams, fun and inspiration are the engine of happiness."
Mr. Cookie, Pac-Man Party

Mr. Cookie is an elderly Pac-Baker and one of the characters in the game Pac-Man Party.


Pac-Man Party

At the beginning of the story, he tells Pac-man there is a thief after his cookie recipe. He tells Pac-Man to protect the recipe and gives Pac-Man 1000 cookies, the currency in the game. By the end of the game he reveals that his recipe was never stolen and that he actually gave it to Blinky as part of a bet to prove that Pac-Man would succeed at getting all the cookies. Mr. Cookie then tells Pac that he had faith in his skills all along, and had him search for the cookies as a test to prove his courage and determination, and to show the world that it will always need a Pac-Man. He and the Ghosts then present Pac-Man with a large cake in celebration of his birthday which Pac apparently forgot.

Minecraft x Pac-Man

Mr. Cookie appears as a playable character in Minecraft's Pac-Man DLC.

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