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The Pac-Man Coleco Tabletop is a tabletop arcade machine released by Coleco in 1981. It is based on handheld LCD game technology, and was intended for home use. It was released in Japan as Super Puck Monster.


The system features three modes - Pac-Man, Head-to-Head Pac-Man, and Eat & Run.


A port of the original Pac-Man. A rather close port for the time period, especially for LCD technology. Some key features are missing however, most notably Fruit.

Head-to-Head Pac-Man

A two player co-op mode, with two Pac-Men on screen at once. Otherwise the same as the first mode.

Eat & Run

Guide Pac-Man to collect the four Power Pellets and bring them to the Ghost Box.

Play Online

These versions of Pac-Man (Coleco Tabletop) are either listed in the public domain or are considered abandonware. Clicking the game title will lead you to a playable online version of it from (mobile compatibility may vary).


  • The Eat & Run mode was later remade and featured in the Arcade Classics: Pac-Man handheld by Basic Fun, which released in 2016.