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Pac-Man is a board game released in 1982 by Milton Bradley. It was released due to the popularity of the original Pac-Man arcade game at the time, and plays very similarly to it.


The goal of the game is for the player to collect more Pac-Dots (white marbles) than their opponent(s). Once the player has eaten a Power Pellet (yellow marble), they have the ability to chomp a ghost and send him back to the ghost pen. Afterwards, the player will earn 2 scoring dots from another player. If an opponent uses a Ghost piece and touches another player's square, they lose two dots and retreat to the starting square. To win, a player must score more dots than their opponent. Each player chooses a different color Pac-Man to show where on the maze-like board they are.

If a Pac-Man rolls a 3 and 4, the player could move their Pac-Man 4, and move a ghost 3, or the other way around. Since it's best to pick the highest number, the player moves their Pac-Man 4 west, collecting 4 scoring dots. Next, a ghost moves 3 dot-lengths. The player moves their ghost 1 east, then 2 south. Their turn ends after that, so the next player puts their finger on their Pac-Man's space, then empty the dots into the previous players tray and repeating the process with different outcomes.

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