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Pac-Man (working title) is a cancelled game developed by Life Fitness, making use of the SNES Exertainment Bike. It was planned for release on the Super Nintendo in Q3 1995.

Known Information

The only evidence of the game's existence is from a Nintendo Power article detailing the bike and the games released/planning to be released for the peripheral. Judging by said article, the game's mechanics are close to the original, except the faster you pedal, the faster Pac-Man will move. Pac-Man is also able to collect power-ups, like hammers and ray guns. Artwork of a ghost wearing a beanie cap (presumably Clyde) is shown as well.


  • In 1982, plans were underway for a similar game to be released for the Atari 5200. A canceled 5200 peripheral, the Puffer, was an exercise bike similar to the Exertainment Bike; a modified version of Ms. Pac-Man was planned to be released alongside it.[1]