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In 2002, Denki released an obscure port of Pac-Man to Sky Active's now defunct service, Sky Games. The game could only be accessible by either purchasing a Play-to-Play or Game Pass payment.


The core gameplay of the original remains the same, but there are many key differences:

  • The game is not endless as it only includes 15 levels in total.
  • The Power Pellet is changed to resemble an orange energizer with a "P" icon, and are renamed to "power pills".
  • Up to four players are able to play the game, instead of two.
  • The game's levels includes additional mazes from Ms. Pac-Man.
  • There is a flashing green variant of the Power Pellet which occasionally spawns in the center of the maze known as the "Special Pill", complete with the "S" icon, and allowed Pac-Man to change the Ghosts to fruit bonuses (depending on what level the player is currently in) which acts similar to the Cherry power-up from Pac-Man 256.
  • Inky and Clyde switched positions whenever the ghosts are currently in the Monster Pen.


The Sky Games port of Pac-Man was taken down on January 31, 2015 when the Sky Games service was shut down by Sky Active.