Not to be confused with the series, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.



Developer: Hanna Barbera
Publisher: Hanna Barbera
Series: Pac-Man series
Genres: Entertainment
Launch date(s): 1982
Voice actors

Marty Ingels

Barbara Minkus

Russi Taylor

Neil Ross

Barry Gordon

Chuck McCann

Susan Silo

Allan Lurie

Frank Welker

Peter Cullen

Pac-Man, also known as Pac-Man: The Animated Series, is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera. It premiered on ABC and ran from 1982 to 1984. During the first airing of the show, the large number of advertisers sponsoring it caused commercial breaks to be double their normal length. Later episodes featured normal commercial break times.

The arcade game Pac-Land was based entirely on the cartoon, and Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures drew significant influence from it as well. Also, the Tengen release of the original Pac-Man arcade game for the Nintendo Entertainment System features box art based on the cartoon. This series along with The Smurfs, Foofur, and other Hanna-Barbera adaptations of other properties were completely different from the studio's trademark signature shows.

The show's initial success inspired ABC's rival CBS to create Saturday Supercade, which featured other video game characters from the Golden Age of video games. This marked a first in Hanna-Barbera's twenty-five year history that the studio produced an animated series based on a video game (Hanna-Barbara was formed in 1957, and video games would not exist until 1971, and would not become popular until later in the decade).


The animated series follows the adventures of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man (under the identity "Pepper", as saying "Ms. Pac-Man" was probably too long and difficult) and Baby Pac in the Pac-Village of Pac-Land. Everything in Pac-Land seems to be spherical or round, and its inhabitants live off of Power Pellets. Pac-Man is the guardian of the village; he protects them from the Ghost Monsters (see Ghosts) who are led by the evil Mezmeron. When the Ghost Monsters invade Pac-Land it is usual for them to chase Pac-Man into a corner. Pac-Man will then pull out a power pellet and swallow it, turning the ghost monsters purplish-blue and allowing him to eat them. Once they are eaten, their empty bodies return to Mezmeron's lair where they open a closet that keeps spare colored ghost bodies.

Later additions to the cast included Super-Pac, a mildly inept superhero and P.J., Pac-Man's super-cool nephew (Or so P.J. likes to believe.)


  • Jodi Carlisle (Season 1)
  • Paul Kirby (Season 1 & 2)
  • Lennie Weinrib - Pacula
  • Bill Callaway (Season 2)
  • Brian Cummings (Season 2)
  • Pat Fraley (Season 2)
  • Joan Gerber (Season 2)
  • Arte Johnson (Season 2)
  • Chris Latta (Season 2)
  • Kris Stevens (Season 2)
  • Andre Stojka  (Season 2)
  • Janet Waldo (Season 2)


Season 1 (1982)

Episode No. First segment Second segment Original airdate
1 Presidential Pac-Nappers Picnic in Pacland September 25, 1982
2 The Great Pac-Quake Hocus Pocus Pac-Man October 2, 1982
3 Southpaw Packy Pac-Baby Panic October 9, 1982
4 Pacula Trick or Chomp October 16, 1982
5 Super Ghosts The Pac-Man in the Moon October 23, 1982
6 Journey to the Center of Pac-Land Invasion of the Pac-Pups October 30, 1982
7 Sir Chomp-A-Lot The Day the Forest Disappeared November 6, 1982
8 Neander Pac-Man Backpackin' Packy November 13, 1982
9 The Abominable Pac-Man The Bionic Pac-Woman November 20, 1982
10 Chomp-Out at the O.K. Corral Once Upon a Chomp November 27, 1982
11 The Pac-Love Boat The Great Power-Pellet Robbery December 4, 1982
12 A Bad Case of the Chomps Goo-Goo at the Zoo December 11, 1982
13 Nighty Nightmares The Pac-Mummy December 18, 1982

Season 2 (1983)

Episode No. First segment Second segment Original airdate
1 Here's Super-Pac! Hey, Hey, Hey...It's P.J September 17, 1983
2 The Super-Pac Bowl Journey Into the Pac-Past September 24, 1983
3 The Old Pac-Man and the Sea Public Pac-Enemy No. 1 October 1, 1983
4 The Genie of Pacdad Computer Packy October 8, 1983
5 The Greatest Show in Pac-Land Pac-A-Thon October 15, 1983
6 Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Pac-Man Around the World in 80 Chomps October 22, 1983
7 Super-Pac vs. Pac-Ape P.J. Goes Pac-Hollywood October 29, 1983
8 Pac-Van-Winkle Happy Pacs-Giving November 5, 1983


  1. Christmas Comes to Pac-Land
  2. Pac-Man Halloween Special


  • The TV series inspired Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures and Pac-Land.
  • The show ran on ABC in 1982-1984. It also played on Cartoon Network in the 90's & Boomerang in 2005. Christmas Comes to Pac-Land still continues to come on TV.
  • The Pac-Man TV show seemed to do the most successful when it was brodcasted in Italy, receiving toys and other merchandise based on the show that weren't available in other parts of the world.
  • There are many differences in the Series from the games. There are five Ghosts rather than the normal four. Clyde and Blinky's roles are swapped in the cartoon, Pinky is male instead of female, and Ms. Pac-Man is called Pepper. The Ghosts are controlled by a villain named Mezmeron, a character who does not appear in the games. The Ghosts turn purple instead of blue.

Broadcast History

Pac-Man aired on ABC Saturday Morning in the following formats: The Pac-Man/Little Rascals/Richie Rich Show (September 25, 1982-September 3, 1983)

The Pac-Man/Rubik, the Amazing Cube Hour (September 10, 1983-September 1, 1984)

After the series' original-run, the show aired on USA Cartoon Express a few years later, the show then reran on Cartoon Network from 1993 to 2000 and Boomerang in 2005. The Christmas special continues to air every year on Boomerang as part of the Boomerang Christmas Party block.

Other Releases

Pac-Man S1 3D
PacMan S2

The Australian company Rainbow Products Ltd. released the rare video tape Pac-Man and family in 1982, which contained 6 episodes of the show. It is presumed that it is the 2nd tape in the series, since the back of the case states that the video has "six more fun-filled adventures".

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment released the complete first season of the series on DVD, January 31, 2012. They then released the complete 2nd season on DVD on Sepember 11, 2012. The second DVD includes the Christmas special. Both items are sold at and are not available in most retail stores.