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Pac-Man Battle Royale (パックマンバトルロイヤル Pakkuman Batoru Roiyaru) is an arcade game released by Namco Bandai Games in 2010 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man.


The player controls one of four Pac-Men (yellow, red, blue, or pink), and must eat the other Pac-Men on screen while avoiding ghosts. Eating a Power Pellet will turn the Pac-Man huge (à la Super Pac-Man), and allow him to eat his opponents. The maze is set up in a similar fashion to Pac-Man Championship Edition. The game usually consists of 3 rounds, with the mazes getting increasingly larger each round. After said third round is completed, the final scores are tallied. The one who ate the most Pac-Men is the true winner, but other players are given achievements as well (most fruit collected, most ghosts eaten, etc.).

Machine types

Three different arcade machine types are known to have been produced:

  • Cocktail table model: The first model produced, based on the classic "cocktail" tabletop machines of the 80s. It has two joysticks on opposing ends of the cabinet.
  • "Deluxe" model: The Deluxe machine model is the most common features four pedestals for each player, with a large, flat-screen monitor. This model is likely the most common of the three cabinets, being widely distributed in the United States.
  • "Pedestal only" model: Towards the later 2010s, the Deluxe cabinet model was no longer sold with a screen. Vendors could only buy the joystick pedestal, which could then be connected to a separate (generic) monitor or a projector.

Home Ports

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc; now defunct)
  • PlayStation 3
  • Windows PC
  • Xbox 360

The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows ports were included as part of Pac-Man Museum.


  • This was the first original Pac-Man arcade game since Pac-Man Arrangement, which released 14 years before Battle Royale.
  • Some of the home ports of Battle Royale (mainly the mobile version) are only playable in single-player.
  • When a round ends and the results show up, the player(s) who lost can press the start button to throw tomatoes on the winning player’s portrait.
  • There was reportedly an alternate, later version of the Battle Royale software, which ended up never being released. The exact changes are unknown, but one confirmed difference is that the alternate build would have three CPU opponents in single-player rounds, instead of just one opponent like the standard build. This feature may have been incorporated into Pac-Man Battle Royale CHOMPionship.[1]
  • A set of plush toys based on Pac-Man Battle Royale was released by Toy Factory in 2017 (alongside a Ms. Pac-Man set), featuring the four different Pac-Man colors.



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