Pac-Man Ghost Zone


Developer: Namco Hometek
Publisher: Namco Hometek
Game System(s): PlayStation
Series: N/A
Genres: Platform, Adventure
Release date(s): Cancelled
Number of players One player

Pac-Man Ghost Zone is a cancelled PlayStation game that was in development by Namco Hometek in 1996.


The latest arcade game is crowded, and a child is unable to play. The crowd pushes him away, telling him to "go play Pac-Man". He goes up to the Pac-Man machine and insults it; this angers Blinky and Inky, who then suck the kid into the machine and transform him into Pac-Man.


Pac-Man Ghost Zone is a 3D platformer similar to Super Mario 64. Pac-Man collects dots while avoiding electronic arcade machine parts like Transformers, Jumpers, and Capacitors. It is cited to have poor controls, similar to those found in Bubsy 3D.

Development and Cancellation

The game was commissioned by Namco to be developed by Namco Hometek, a U.S. arcade division of the company. A playable demo was built, but the Namco Hometek developers stated "the game just never felt right".

When shown to the president of Namco Japan, he was very displeased. The company requested the game be remade from scratch; from there, Ghost Zone evolved into Pac-Man World. Both games are entirely different however, and World shares very few similarities with Ghost Zone.





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