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Pac-Man Kart Rally is a racing game released in 2010 by Bandai Namco Entertainment for various mobile devices. It is likely intended (though not confirmed) to be a sequel to Pac-Man World Rally. It was taken off digital stores (Except for the Fire TV Store) as of March 19, 2018.


Game Modes

To get all game modes other than Tournament, An in-app purchase needs to be bought. Multiplayer will allow players to play in Tournament.

  • Tournament - The player will choose a cup and aim for 1st place, This is included in multiplayer mode
  • Challenge - Player would have to complete course challenges without other players (Example: Pass under 6 gates in order in less than 40 seconds.)
  • Time Trial - The player would have to complete a track as fast as possible, This would also be the only mode to save to records
  • Records - This shows 5 recent players high scores for the Time Trial mode, When noone is there it is listed as "PAC-MAN 59:59:59"
  • Chase - Based on the original arcade game, Pac-Man is the only playable character. The player would use Power Pellets as health and had to avoid getting struck by ghosts.
  • Survival - The player would have to stay stay away from last place otherwise they would get kicked off.
  • Mirror - When this is selected it would mirrors tracks.


Pac-Man Cup

The default cup which tracks are:

  • Pac-Man Forest - A track located in a forest with a shortcut
  • Pad Cross - A track in the shape of an outline of a plus (+)
  • Pac-Man Hill - A track on the hill, also has a shortcut

Ghost Cup

Ghost Cup takes place at a city night and usually has artwork of Pac-Man and Blinky on billboards, these tracks are:

  • Night Ride - A wave track with a shortcut
  • Ghost Town - A track in the shape of a ghost with a river to stop karts temporarily
  • Drift Road - A basic track for drifting when turning

Katamari Cup

Based on the power-up katamari, these tracks are:

  • Roller Coast - A track with 2 shortcuts and river to stop a karts temporarily
  • King's Challenge - A track that is a wavy track
  • Galaga Circuit - A track in the shape of a Galaga ship with 2 rivers to stop karts temporarily

Dig Dug Cup

Based off of the Namco game called Dig Dug, these tracks are:

  • Drift Master - Similar to Drift Road but with more turning for more drifting also comes with mud to stop karts temporarily
  • Muddy Canyon - A track with a patch of mud to stop karts temporarily.
  • Sunny Maze -A track with a large shortcut and with the same patch of mud to stop karts temporarily


3 extras tracks with themes from other cups these are:

  • Sky Overpass - A long track that overlaps on it selfs with freeways
  • Lucky 8 - A track in the shape of an 8 with the Ghost Town city
  • The Snake - A track wavey like a snake and overlaps on it self with freeways and has rivers to stop karts temporarily


From Courses

  • Pac-Dot - These items will speed up player's kart when collected an limited to 10 Pac-Dots, These act as health in the Chase game mode
  • Capsule - An random item chooser that with choose a Power-Up if the player don't have on or activated it
  • Boost Pad - A flat item that when driven on will temporarily speed of a player's kart
  • Jump Pad - It will launch the kart in the air over obstacles like rivers or mud

From Capsules

  • Power Pellet - This boost item increases speed for several seconds.
  • Power Pellet X3 - Same as a Power Pellet, But with 2 more
  • Katamari - An item to be thrown at a nearby player to stop them for a few seconds
  • 3 Katamaris - Same as a Katamari but with 2 more
  • Drill - An item drop in hopes it will stop a player for a few seconds
  • Pac-Man - This will make the player's kart indestructible to any attack, will be faster, and will not be affected by road objects or off-road areas
  • Fruit (Cherry) - An autopilot item that take control and guide the kart along a fast and short route, It will blink when stopping.
  • Ghost: An item that will transform every opponent into a scared ghost, Any collision will cause them to crash.


There are 12 achievements only for Windows Phone's Xbox app, Making them unavailable as those servers have shut down.

Icon Name Description
One Step Ahead.png One Step Ahead Finish 3 races 1 lap before at least 1 opponent.
Dotted Line.png Dotted Line Finish an Expert Tournament Race with 10 Pac-Dots.
Gear Head.png Gear Head Unlock all karts and all kart upgrades.

(This was when karts needed to be unlocked)

Drift Away.png Drift Away Perform 8 drift boosts in a single race.
Champion.png Champion Win all the cups on 1st place.
Hardcore.png Hardcore Finish 3 races without using any power-ups.
Mission Accomplished.png Mission Accomplished Complete all the missions in Challenge Mode.
I Will Survive.png I Will Survive Place 1st in each lap in a Survival Race.
Unbeatable.png Unbeatable Win 50 Multiplayer Races.
Karting King.png Karting King Complete the Tournament on Expert difficulty.
Record Breaker.png Record Breaker Beat your own record 3 times on any track.

(Meaning new records on Time Trial)

Classic Pac-Man.png Classic Pac-Man Eat all the ghosts in a Chase Race.


Most of the racers are taken from other Namco games and will be used in multiplayer games. The characters are (in order of character selection screen):


Players can still have multiplayer games since they do not run on servers, rather Wi-Fi networks.

  • Connect to game - Find hosts
  • Host Game - Host a game



  • The game was delisted from the Google Play Store in March 2018, though it is still currently available on the Amazon Fire TV costing $4.99.
  • For unknown reasons, some versions of the game seem to feature a slightly different Pac-Man design, with different eyes resembling Pacster's. In the Fire TV version, both styles are used inconsistently throughout the game.
  • There seems to have been an emphasis on the game being available "in both 2D and 3D", as seen in some write-ups about the game. No 2D version actually seems to exist, however.
    • This could imply that the game is compatible with phones that feature stereoscopic 3D displays, but this remains untested as of currently.

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