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Pac-Man Party is a video game for the Wii, developed by TOSE and published by Namco Bandai Games in 2010. It was released for Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, and kickstarted the "Pac is Back" reboot of the Pac-Man series.


While checking the mail one day, Pac-Man found a letter from Mr. Cookie, the manager of the Cookie Factory, saying that a thief is planning to steal his recipe to a batch of extra-powerful Power Cookies. Not long afterwards, Blinky rammed into Pac-Man, stealing the cookie recipe in the process. Pac-Man must get the recipe back and stop the Ghosts.


The game could be described as a hybrid of Mario Party and Monopoly (and to a lesser extent, Pac-Man Fever). The player picks their character, and travels along a board collecting Cookies. The player must collect the set amount of cookies, and return them to the Cookie Factory before anyone else does.

To decide how many moves each player will make, a very basic minigame is played (shooting balloons, dart-throwing game, etc.). When a player lands on a blank space, a Castle is built; when the same person goes back to the castle, they will gain more cookies. But if the opponent lands on the claimed castle, a full-fledged minigame will begin; the winner of this minigame will claim/reclaim the castle. Once a player reaches the set amount of cookies, the game ends.

Story and Party Modes


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Title Gameplay
Spaghetti Roll-Up The goal of this mini-game is to get the largest roll of spaghetti. To twirl their fork, players must use the Wii Remote. If the player uses a Power Cookie in this mini-game, the player twirls faster to get a larger piece. Whoever gets the largest roll of spaghetti wins.
Master Angler A minigame in which you must catch a fish as possible using a Wii Remote (by swinging), but one chance is given. If a player uses a Power Cookie in this mini-game, they will get a bite much sooner, although it doesn't stop them from getting garbage if they pull too early.
Bottle Rocket Blast-off The goal of this mini-game is to fly as far as possible. To shake their bottle, the players must shake the Wii Remote. Using a Power Cookie expands their bottle, allowing them to fly further. The players take off into the air after 10 seconds. If there are CPUs on the board, one of them will remain on the board regardless of whether they shoke their bottle or not. If none of the players shake their bottles.

The game ends in a tie (if all the players do so). One of the players remains on the board, while the other three fly away. Two other players leave, and the last player standing strikes a victory pose in the air. Following that, the game calculates the distance they flew.

Incoming Fruit! A boat fires fruits at the players, and they must chop the fruits so that they can go into the bowl. Aside from fruits, there are car parts, and attempting to chop a car part results in a loss of points. If you use a Power Cookie, you get triple points for every fruit you chop and no punishment for chopping garbage.
Gummy Catapults All players must shoot gummies (as a topping) on a 3-layer cake for about 30 seconds, from bottom to top, they increase more points. When you use a Power Cookie, you'll launch three gummies at a time and the meter stays fully charged.
Jiggling Gelatin The players are bouncing around on top of green gelatin, attempting to knock each other over. The last person standing wins. When you use a Power Cookie, you'll grow in size, the knock-back rate on another opponent increases and the knock-back rate on you is reduced.
Pac-Man Hustle To dance and earn points, the player(s) must swing the Wii Remote in accordance with the onscreen instructions, when using a Power Cookie you'll earn much more points than usual.
Pizza Party The player with the most cooked pizza wins. When cooked, you will receive points. When you use a Power Cookie, the pizzas are spun faster and you'll get double points.
Holiday Hustle The players run on their treadmills until they reach the star, and the player with the most points wins the minigame. When a Power Cookie is used, you'll run even faster than normal and more lights are lit up faster.
Pac-Pool Players stand on an 8-ball table and must catch as many fruits as they can before the 30-seconds timer runs out. When you use a Power Cookie, you'll grow bigger increase rivals knock-back rate and won't fall into the pockets.
Pooka Pop The goal of this mini-game is to get as many points as possible while avoiding popping the Pooka in the middle. Each player receives three pumps per turn. If the player wishes to proceed, they can do so by pressing the A button. Using a Power Cookie allows the player to gain more points for pumping up the Pooka in the center disallowing it to pop, but it grows slightly larger.

When the Pooka is on the verge of exploding, all of the players become concerned and terrified. The player who pops the Pooka is eliminated from the mini-game.

Bumpin' Trapeze The goal of this minigame is to knock all of the players off the platform while avoiding being knocked off yourself. Be cautious, because bombs will begin to fall from nowhere, causing the platform to shorten. When a Power Cookie is used, you'll grow larger and have increased Knock-back rate.
Haunted Pumpkins The players must shoot all the pumpkins, the one who shoot the most pumpkins is the winner. When a Power Cookie is used, you'll have double crosshairs.
Sky Climbers The players must reach to the top by jumping on the clouds and must not fall down. Who ever is the player standing, wins. When you use a Power Cookie, you'll have the ability to Moon jump (Infinite Jumps).
Danger Dish Players transform into balls and must push each other off the "slippery plate" in order to be the last one standing. If you grab fruit you'll grow bigger and instantly knock your rivals off. If a Power Cookie is used, You'll grow even bigger than when grabbing fruit.
Icy Islands Players must jump from island to island until they cross the finish line or be the last player standing. If a player uses their Power Cookie, the islands will expand for that player. If any players fall behind or fall into the water, they will be disqualified for the remainder of the mini-game.
Tea Party (Pac-Man Tea Party) The player must shoot the opponents tea-cup boats, shooting them will destroy their boats, the last one standing wins.
Dangerous Diamond The player must catch the thrown cookies before they hit on the ground, the one who has the most cookies wins.
Cannon Jump The players are at the base of a castle and must use cannons to reach the top; however, there are gold cannons that can launch the player anywhere. The first person to reach the top wins. When you use a Power Cookie in this Minigame, You'll be taken straight to the top regardless of what cannon you use.
Pac-Volley The goal of this mini-game is to earn the most points by serving back the cookies that the cookie machine dispenses. Each successful hit with a Power Cookie earns you five points. There is a time limit of 60 seconds and at the end, whoever has the most point wins.
Chick Magnet The player must catch and place their chicken in their pon, Golden Chicken will appear and will earn more points.
Food Shuffle -
Frantic France The goal of this minigame is to be the last person standing on the gears. Players must jump by pressing the A button and shaking the Wii Remote to stay in the air for a longer period of time. Using a Power Cookie allows the player to stay in the air for an extended period of time. The hammer's job is to swing the gears into the furnace in order to cause the players to lose. The gears will change colors over time, and the hammer may play tricks on the players (the hammer is about to hit the gear the players are on and goes backwards, then hits the gear the players are standing on successfly.
Pop 'N Balloons -
Crazy Conveyor -
Pac-Logger -
Hot Foot Hop -
Rolling Blocks Blocks are thrown at the players, and they must move to avoid them. If a player is crushed, he or she is eliminated from the game. The last person standing wins. Players will become unsquishable for a limited time after using a Power Cookie.
Paint Rolling Rivals -
Wobbly Ice Cream The goal of this mini-game is to collect as many scoops as possible or to reach the flag. Each player has an ice cream cone to catch falling scoops. The ice cream stands up straight thanks to the Power Cookies. The player with the most scoops or the first to reach the flag wins. There is a time limit of 60 seconds.
Cookie Stamper -
Chocolate Chompers A hose is dropping chocolate balls and bombs at the players, who must collect the chocolate balls while avoiding the bombs. The player who consumes the most chocolate balls is the winner.
Water Bike Wipeout -
Pole Position -
Bumper Jumper -
Candy Crash -
The Great Soda Escape -
Food Javelin Cookout -
Doughnut Holes -
Pac-Golf -
Candy Bandits -
Siege Scopes are used by players to shoot at the castle's targets. The red targets are worth one point, while the blue targets are worth two. When a player uses a Power Cookie, their shooting scope expands and they fire missiles at the castle, destroying all targets and increasing their score significantly.
Crazy Curling -
Sheep Shearing -
Oasis or Bust -
Cobra Charmer -

Classic Games


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Pac-Man Woofa Roger Patra
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Blinky Pinky Inky Clyde

Pac-Man Party 3D

A Nintendo 3DS port under the name Pac-Man Party 3D was released on November 18, 2011. It is mostly the same as the original game, save for 3D graphic support and different control schemes in some minigames. This version removes the worlds Mirage Oasis and Crystal Cliffs, presumably due to hardware constraints; all other features are retained.


  • Pac-Man, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde bear a resemblance to their eventual Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures appearances.
  • Pac-Man Party may have been derived from the silently canceled Wii game Pac-Man Carnival (but Namco Museum Remix is the more likely candidate).
  • The game refers to Pac-Dots and Power Pellets as "cookies", a feature shared with early Japanese releases of the original game.
  • Power Cookies have a big red "P" on them here, as well as in Pac-Man Arrangement (1996).
  • A Mobile version of the game was also released. Little information is known, but it reportedly only has one board and ten minigames.
  • The European version of the game originally came with a free poster in the box. It features the Pac-Man 30th Anniversary logo alongside rows of ghosts. It is quite small however, being the size of a standard piece of paper.




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