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Pac-Man Party Royale is a game for the Apple Arcade service, released in October 2019. It is the sequel to Pac-Man Battle Royale, and features similar gameplay and mechanics to it.


There are 3 types of gameplay, with slight variations between them. In "Quick Play", you can add controllers to play locally or alternatively add Pac-Bots to act as players. In "Party", you can either create or join a party online using a code. In both of these modes, the settings are customizable (such as maze themes, power-pellet abilities, NPC ghosts, etc.) The third Game mode is Battle Arena, in which the player is thrown into a random online room with randomized settings. As the player wins matches, their rank will go up. Ranks are reset after each calendar month, but the players final rank from the last month will give a boost for the new month. Each mode has the same basic gameplay for matches.

The four players are put into a maze with Pac-Dots scattered all over. When a player eats a Pac-Dot, they will speed up. After a certain amount of Pac-Dots are eaten, the player will gain max speed. When all of the Pac-Dots are eaten on screen, they all immediately regenerate, allowing for more ways of gaining speed. The last Pac-Man standing by the end of the round is the winner.

Eventually, a Power Pellet will spawn somewhere in the maze, moving away from players who try to grab it. A player at basic speed is not fast enough to grab the pellet; but once their speed is raised to around half of the bar, they are fast enough to grab it. Once the pellet is eaten, it will give the eater one of a total of four temporary powers (possibly less depending on the settings set by the player), including:

  • Energizer: The player gains a rainbow hue, along with increased movement speed and the power to eat other players and ghosts.
  • Electric Field: The player gains a circular electric field around them which zaps other Pac-Men and ghosts. The field will shrink as time goes on.
  • L.A.Z.E.R: A laser will shoot from the player's face, zapping other players and ghosts if they stay in its path too long. The laser is stopped by walls and is always completely straight.
  • Air Strike: Missiles will rain down from the sky. Anyone caught in the smoke clouds left behind (except the eater) will either be turned into a ghost or stunned. The eater will eat any player and NPC ghosts, but act normal to other players. The only exception to this rule is Itchy, who will end air strike ability in favor of a bad effect.

There are also two enemy ghosts. The red one, Blinky, acts as a classic Pac-Man ghost - chasing a player until they are caught, either by itself or another player. The green ghost, known as "Itchy", will spawn in similarly to a Power Pellet, but having the opposite effect; giving the player one of four bad effects, which make the player temporarily vulnerable in some way. These include:

  • Inverted controls: The player's controls are inverted for the duration of the effect
  • Slow: The player's speed is lowered for the duration of the effect. The player is still able to gain speed through Pac-Dots while the effect is going on.
  • Bait: The player is vulnerable to be eaten by other players for the duration of the effect.
  • Muzzle: The player is unable to eat Pac-Dots or Power Pellets for the duration of the effect

When a player is eaten, they will become a ghost. When a player becomes a ghost, they lose the ability to eat Pac-Dots but still retain the speed they had when they were a Pac-Man. If a ghost-turned Pac-Man catches another player, the roles are reversed; turning the Ghost back into Pac-Man, and vice-versa. A player ghost is unaffected by enemy ghosts and the Power Pellet.

If a round has been going on for a long period of time, the Map 256 Glitch will begin manifesting itself from the outer edges of the maze. The Glitch will defeat any Pac-Man upon contact; the last Pac-Man to survive the glitch will be declared the winner.


  • Yellow Pac-Man
  • Green Pac-Man
  • Azure Pac-Man
  • Magenta Pac-Man



A "league" is a rank in the Battle Arena mode. Each league has 3 tiers, which raise the number a games you need to win to advance to the next teir/league. The ammount it raises by for each teir up depends on what league you are in. There are 6 leagues, including:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Crystal
  • ???
  • Legendary


  • The launch trailer for the game on YouTube is misspelled as "Pac-Man Party Royal".
  • The logo for the game’s promotional artwork does not include the dots and dashes inside the letters of “PAC-MAN.”
  • While the 256 glitch is a reference to the original Map 256 Glitch, its specific mechanic in this game may be a reference to Pac-Man 256.


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