Pac-Man VR is a virtual reality arcade game released in 1996 by Virtuality.

Known Information

Pac-Man VR is very similar to the arcade original, but played at a first-person perspective, and with a unique control scheme. There is also a reported multiplayer mode, the details of which are unknown.

The game was sold on a CD-ROM, which was inserted into the disk drive of a Virtuality arcade machine. Both SU-2000 and SU-3000 model versions were released (which are two different models of machine).

Virtuality machines as a whole performed very poorly in arcades, and Pac-Man VR was no exception. To make matters worse, nearly every machine was sent back to Virtuality, where they were eventually liquidated. As such, not a single Pac-Man VR machine has surfaced - only a short gameplay video and some old promotional material.

A company known as Virtuosity Systems claimed to have acquired the rights to Pac-Man VR in 2017. They plan(ned?) to rerelease the title, along with other Virtuality games, for modern day VR headsets - but nothing has come so far.


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