The Policy

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  • In order to make a "Proper sig, you must not have your picture larger than 30px. .gif pictures are NOT allowed unless they are 20px or smaller. This is how you make yours: look at this:

[[User:Mobutu4|<span style="color:green;">'''mobutu4'''</span>]][[Image:Images.jpg|30px]]

  • The "color:" area is what color you want the text to be. at the "Image:" area, choose your uploaded picture with the file types: .bmp .gif .jpg .jpeg .png or others. Outcome is:
  • mobutu4Images See? easy! try it out at the Sandbox. By the way, every user must have a different picture. When you are done with your final sig, create a page with this:User:(your name)/sig. Here is an Example: User:Mobutu4/sig. Good luck!
  • P.S you can change if you want the text BOLD or Italic. Just add 3 ' on each side of your name for BOLD, and for italic, 2 '.


If you are having trouble just ask an admin.

Edit Log

  • Regular picture size increased to 30px.
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