"Come on! You'll have to do better than that to become a true Pac-Warrior!"
— Pac-Master, Pac 'n Roll

Pac-Master (パックマスター Pakkumasutā) is Ms. Pac-Man's father. He was the former hero of Pac-Land before he passed on his mantle to his pupil, Pac-Man. He also has a wife.


Pac 'n Roll

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Pac-Master is said to be a master ghost hunter. Pac-Man trains under him before the events of Pac 'n Roll. After the Ghost Gang summons Golvis, he attempts to stop Golvis with a Power Pellet, but is sucked up by Jack, Golvis's guitar. He is later rescued by Pac-Man.


Pac-Master is a Pac-Person with a brown mustache. He has a brown top hat and red glasses.


  • The Japanese website for Pac 'n Roll implies that the Pac-Master is a younger version of Professor Pac-Man in his character profile, stating that he retires and becomes a professor in the future, living somewhere in Pac-Land with his wife.


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