Pac-People (also known as Pac-Worlders) are the dominant race of Pac-Land and members of this race regularly appear in the Pac-Man (series) of games, the most recognizable members of this race is Pac-Man. The Pac-People are enemies of Ghosts.

Pac-People have very tune intelligence and an advanced modern society. They are an original sapient race created by Toru Iwatani from his early concept of Pac-Man.


All Pac-People posses a generally spherical body shape with four limbs, a nose, mouths and eyes. Some rough variants in bodily shape occur where they're more ovoid than perfectly spherical. In the original games, Pac-People were primarily yellow in color, however other media such as cartoon and most recent games show them as coming in a wider variety of colors and now yellow being the least common body color. Pac-People have big, black, eyes in the shape of Pac-Man from the original video game and recently and in other media their eyes are white and have both pupils and iris', however there is a white opening in their iris which makes it look like the original Pac-Man sprite's mouth. Most Pac-People are always seen wearing gloves.

They are omnivores, having a very diverse diet ranging from fruits and meats to ghostly ectoplasm as well, however their most notable food item are the Power Pellets/Power Berries which they harvest. Judging from the fact sewers and sewage exist, Pac-People need to expel waste products. The need to expel gases via belching and flatulence has also been demonstrated.

Apparently, Pac-People descended from Neander-Pacs, but this has yet to be officially verified.


Pac-People are constantly terrorized by Ghosts. Ghosts (sometimes referred to as Ghost-Monsters) are always attacking Pac-People, the original Pac-Man game being a result. However, Pac-People have a powerful defense against Ghosts when they eat a Power Pellet, sometimes referred to as a "Power Berries". This item grants them the ability to eat Ghosts, thus sending them back into the ghost pen.

Pookas have also been known to antagonize Pac-People, but only when their territory is intruded upon. Otherwise there's never been any known acts of open aggression between the two species.

On extremely rare occasions a major threat from a humanoid intruder looms, such as Mezmerelda, Erwin or Mezmeron. Their reasons for doing so vary. But these tend to be exceptions, rather than a rule.