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Pac-Pix (パックピクス Pakkupikusu) is a video game developed by Namco for the Nintendo DS.


One day, a mischievous wizard came up with an invention called Ghost Ink; anything drawn with this ink instantly turned into a ghost. The ghosts then began to jump into different pictures and books, causing havoc and mayhem across the world.

Hearing of the crisis, Pac-Man rushed to defeat the ghosts using his magic pen. Pac-Man succeeded by trapping all the ghosts into one book, which was then promptly locked - but the ghosts counterattacked, and captured him in a piece of paper.

With help from Pac-Man himself, the player must take control of the magic pen, turn all the ghosts back into ghost ink and rescue Pac-Man.


The player uses the stylus to draw Pac-Men, and guide them through each level. Each Pac-Man can eat ghosts when drawn facing them, and can be bounced off walls if the player draws them. The size of the hand-drawn Pac-Man will also adjust its speed accordingly. Several other objects can be drawn as well, like bombs, arrows, cherries, and stormy clouds.

The game is split up into levels (referred to as "pages"), which are part of multiple "chapters". Each page has a time limit, and a limited amount of usable Pac-Men. The general objective is to eat all of the ghosts on-screen.




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