Pac-Van-Winkle is an episode from the original Pac-Man animated series. It is part of the eighth and final episode of the second season.

Pac-Van Winkle

Pac-Van Winkle


After going on a long hike with Chomp-Chomp, Pac-Man finds himself lost and ends up asking directions from a witch that lives in the Power Forest. She gives him a brew to drink, which is supposed to put the person who drinks it to sleep for 20 years. Shortly after his visit with the witch, Pac-Man ends up being affected by the brew, and dozes off.

Pac-Man wakes up 20 years later, only to find that Pacland has been turned into Ghostland. As Pac-Man and his family are powerless against the ghosts, Pac-Man decides to find the witch that had given him the brew that had put him to sleep 20 years prior. Once he finds the witch, the witch gives Pac-Man a potion to drink that will take him 20 years back into the past. After drinking the potion, Pac-Man wakes up to find Chomp-Chomp licking his face. The episode ends with Pac-Man and Chomp-Chomp hiking back home.