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"A gentleman introduces himself before asking a Lady her name! [...] I'm Patra. I live in the ancient temple over there."
— Patra, Pac-Man Party

Patra is a character introduced in Pac-Man Party. She is a very beautiful black jackal that resembles the Egyptian God Anubis. She is a priestess at the temple at Mirage Oasis.

Her in-game profile reads "Princess Patra wants to become a high priest like her father."


Patra in Pac-Man Party.

Pac-Man Party

In the story mode of Pac-Man Party, Patra meets Pac-Man while he is looking for the Ghost Gang in Mirage Oasis. Patra then introduces herself to him and tells him that she is a princess and lives in the great temple. She teams up with Pac-Man after the Ghost Gang insults her. After the duel, Pinky and Patra apologize to each other, and become friends.

Pac-Man Monsters

Patra, as shown in Pac-Man Monsters.

Patra appears in the iOS title Pac-Man Monsters, running the shop.


"M-MOP!? That's it, no one makes fun of my tail. It's on!"
— Patra, Pac-Man Party

Patra is very kind and polite, refusing to introduce herself before Pac-Man. She hates people mocking her, being motivated to defeat the Ghost Gang after they said that her tail was a mop. Her description and some of her speeches give to understand that she is determined when she has to do something. She's very sociable, becoming friends with Pinky, even after she teased her, but even so, she had no friends until Pac-Man arrived.


  • Patra is most likely named after Cleopatra, the Egyptian Empress.
  • In the Rewards, the end of her tail is white, but is all black in every other mode.
  • Patra is also based on Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess.
  • She is better at minigames that involve jumping.
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