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A Power Pellet (パワーエサ), also known as an Energizer, is an object used in the Pac-Man games. In arcade games, when Pac-Man devours a Power Pellet, it causes the ghosts to go into Blue Mode, allowing him to eat them. After the ghosts are eaten, only their eyes remain and they go back to the center of the maze to regenerate. After a short period of time if the ghosts don't get eaten, they will turn back to normal, flashing between blue and white a few times before the Power Pellet wears off. In the arcade game, it scares Blinky, Inky, Pinky, or Clyde blue.

In the Pac-Man World games, they serve the same purpose to defeat regular ghosts that cause trouble. But, in Pac-Man World 3 they are also used to defeat Spectral Monsters. Power Pellets have sometimes been mistakenly referred to as "Power Pills", a term mostly used by Atari with their adaptations of Pac-Man and related games. They were later changed to Power Cookies in Pac-Man Party. Now, they are back as Power Pellets. In "Ghostly Adventures", they were replaced with Power Berries, which come in different colors.

In Hanna Barbera’s Pac-Man, the power pellets are used for electricity to power up homes, etc.

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