"As usual, you lose, brother."
— President Spheros, Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Pac-Pong Fever)

Stratos Spheros is the benevolent president of Pac-World in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.


Years ago, Spheros' little brother Betrayus formed a powerful army and threatened to take over Pac-World and stomp out any resistance that stood in his way. This would lead to many casualties (such as the massacre of the Yellow Ones), but eventually Zac, Sunny, Mr. C, Spheros and the Resistance were able to defeat Betrayus' forces. He was also coach/referee in the episode called Pac-Pong Fever in Spheria's flashback. Spheros was then forced to strip his brother and his army of their physical bodies and banish their spirits to the Netherworld for their evil crimes against Pac-Manity. Spheros has then acted as Pac-World's president ever since and has maintained a vigilant guard over the Repository containing Betrayus and the evil army's bodies.


  • If Betrayus is to be believed, his nickname in kindergarten was faucet nose, he wore a diaper until he was 6 years old, and peas give him gas.
  • Spheros' last name is based on the word sphere, a three-dimensional circle. His whole name is a play on the word "Stratosphere".


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