The RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is an enemy found in the Forest levels of Pac-Man World 2. They attack by breathing steam, and even though they look dumb they are very intelligent. They also hunt in packs so beware. There are pink, red, or magenta sabre-toothed ones with demon-like ears, blue buck-tooth ones with shark-like fins, and green ones with two bottom teeth sticking out and a single antennae that resembles a sprout. The color of steam matches of what color they are.

Despite their in-game description calling them ferocious, they can be easily dealt with using a single Butt Bounce.

In Game Description

At first glance, these creatures look rather dumb, but get too close and they'll show you why they are so ferocious. In the game, they were only seen in Canyon Chaos and Pac-Dot Pond.