The Spectral Realm is a place in Pac-Man World 3. Pacman goes there when it is under threat by Erwin who tried to syphon the energy out of it so he could use it to take over Pac-Land and the rest of the world. This is the true home of ghosts & Spectral Monsters.


5BPMESR (5 Years Before Pac-Man Entered the Spectral Realm)

5 years before Pac-Man or Erwin used or entered the Spectral Realm, Everything was held together.

Spectral Cliffs

Pac-Man first entered the Spectral Realm on his 25th Birthday and fought to the top of the Realm and found Pinky and double-crossed the Spectral Fiend. This is the very first level in the Spectral Realm which this is the only Spectral Realm level when the spectral energy is pink the the clouds in the sky are purple.

Gogekka Central

Pac-Man used Pinky's help to get into Gogekka & destroy the syphon.

Spectral Vale

Pac-Man ventured once more into the Realm, found Clyde & destroyed another syphon. This level has red energy and clouds.

Spectral Zenith

Pac-Man returns back to find it falling apart due to Erwin's syphoning, Pac-Man then faces him at an ancient temple called Shadow Temple. This is the third level in the spectral realm where the energy and clouds are red.

Zephyr Heights-Ancient Catacombs

In the Cragstone Mountains, Pac-Man destroyed a syphon & battled Erwin before entering the deadly Catacombs guarded by the Ancient Defenders & destroyed another syphon.

Cragstone Bridge-Erwin's Fortress

Pac-Man destroyed more syphons & entered the fort & ended Erwin's plot.

Known Residents or Inhabitants

Interrelations with The Space-Time Continuum

The Spectral Realm is interrelated with the fabric of the Space-Time Continuum through these facts: 1. The Space-Time Continuum is made up of the following:

  • Space: Involves 3 dimmensions: Length, Height & Width
  • Time: 4th dimmension

2. Spectral Energy going out of syphons rips Space-time apart & breaks it into a Space-time destroying paradox (i.e. a Spectral Paradox) 3. According to Spectralogy (The study of the Spectral Realm), The Realm counters Space-time & if any destructive object affects it, such as syphoning or ripping it, it would destroy every piece of matter made from it. However, A paradox is impossible as the Realm has rebuilt itself everytime a syphon failed when they were sucked into the Spectral vortex, releasing the energy back into the Realm.

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