Spunky (ミリョクテキ Miryokuteki) is a grey Common ghost in the Pac-Man series. She originated in Pac-Mania, and serves as a counterpart to Funky.



Original Spunky sprite.


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Spunky first appears in Pac-Mania. In the game, she is able to jump as high as Pac-Man. She is harder to avoid with jumps than Funky, but it is still possible to jump over her without being touched by her.

In-game, Spunky first appears in Jungly Steps. After passing Jungly Steps, the second loop of mazes starts, in which she begins appearing in the other three levels; but she can only jump in Sandbox Land and Jungly Steps.

Pac-Man 256

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Spunky returns in Pac-Man 256, alongside Funky. She sleeps until Pac-Man gets close to her; upon being woken up by him, she will chase Pac-Man mercilessly until she falls back to sleep (or when Pac-Man eats a Power Pellet).

The Sandbox Evolution

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In The Sandbox Evolution, Spunky is once again seen sleeping. She will pursue Pac-Man if he wakes her up.



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