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For the Pac-Person of the same name, see Sue (Pac-Man World 2).

Sue (スー Suu) is a female ghost from the Pac-Man series, commonly shown as being purple (but is orange in some other appearances).


Arcade Games[]


Original Sue sprite.

Ms. Pac-Man[]

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Sue first appeared alongside Blinky, Pinky, and Inky in Ms. Pac-Man. Her role is identical to Clyde's in the original Pac-Man, and she looks identical to him as well. She starts on the righthand side of the Ghost Home in the Maze's center, sitting next to Pinky.

While her movements are often described as being "random", Sue's movements are deliberate. Sue actually does directly chase Ms. Pac-Man (exactly the way Blinky does) most of the time; but when she gets within an eight-space radius of Ms. Pac-Man, she starts to retreat to the lower-left corner of the maze, which is where she targets during "scatter" mode.


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In Pac-Land, Sue does not ride a vehicle like the other ghosts do, and instead always chases Pac-Man from behind. Sue travels at a slow pace (in fact, Sue is the slowest ghost in this game), but when the timer runs out, she begins to charge at Pac-Man mercilessly.


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Carrying over her aggressive persona from Pac-Land, Sue behaves as Blinky typically would, but never enters "scatter" mode (she momentarily changes direction with the other ghosts, but always uses Pac-Man as her target). However, Sue moves at the same speed as Pinky in this game, which is pretty fast compared to the other ghosts, but slightly slower than Blinky (who always moves the fastest).

Animated Sue

Sue in the TV series, with Inky and Pinky.

Animated Series[]

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Sue appears as the fifth Ghost Monster in the Pac-Man animated series, and the only female member. Rather than wearing a specific hat, as each of the male ghosts wear, Sue wears a pair of earrings. She is often defeated by Ms. Pac-Man. She is characterized as being just as morally flexcible as Clyde.

Other appearances[]


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In some versions of the game, Sue can appear as one of the ghosts dropped with a block. She is also the primary ghost dropped for the 2nd player in "VS Mode".

SNES Ghost Gang (Sue)

Sue (Pac-Man 2)

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures[]

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Sue only appears in the SNES version of Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures when you put the cards in the wrong order in Mission 4. Here, she acts like all the ghosts, and must be defeated in the same way as the others.

Sue Maze Madness

Sue in Ms. Pac-Man: Maze Madness

Maze Madness & Quest for the Golden Maze[]

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In both of these games, Sue appears in her original orange color rather than purple. She more closely resembles Clyde in-game, but the instruction manual for both confirms the character is Sue.

Pac-Man 256[]

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Sue makes her first appearance in 14 years in Pac-Man 256. Sue appears in groups of three, and can only move horizontally. When the group is in front of Pac-Man, they will stop moving. She is also the slowest of all the ghosts.

The Sandbox Evolution[]

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Sue's behavior is changed in The Sandbox Evolution. She can only move horizontally, but rather than stopping when in front of Pac-man like in Pac-Man 256, she'll try to align herself with Pac-Man's horizontal position.


"Sue is the purple ghost who always chases Pac-Man everywhere he goes. If Pac-Man can catch her, after catching the four other ghosts, a timer capsule will appear awarding him points for his remaining time and giving him a new time bar. But don't be fooled. Like the other ghosts in Pac-Land, she'll be back! "

Pac-Land Atari Lynx instruction manual


Sue originally appears as an orange ghost in Ms. Pac-Man, as a female counterpart to Clyde. She is later depicted as a violet ghost, based on the animated series version. Unlike the other ghosts, Sue often appears to have narrow eyes and eyeshadow, presumably to express her gender.


Sue is never given a defined personality, though the animated series depicted her as somewhat sly - but like the other ghost monsters, she has an extreme lack of intelligence. In several Pac-Man games, Sue is one of the more aggressive ghosts chasing after Pac-Man, particularly in Pac-Mania.

Although according to her description for Pac-Mania in Pac-Man Museum+, Sue is also depicted to be friendly but shy when people get too close.


  • Sue is named after the sister of Doug Macrae; one of the lead members of General Computer Corporation (who developed the original Ms. Pac-Man prototype, Crazy Otto).[1][2]
  • Sue was initially named "Bonnie" when she replaced Clyde during the production of Ms. Pac-Man, which was still named "Pac-Woman" at the time; a reference to criminal bandits Bonnie and Clyde.[3]
  • According to Japanese promotional artwork for Pac-Mania, Sue's Japanese character description is "Tsukimatoi" (つきまとい), corresponding to the descriptions of the other ghosts (Oikake, Machibuse, etc.)[4]
  • It's likely that Sue originally played a more important role in Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures. This is implied with there being 5 doors leading to the Ghost Witch instead of only 4, and a screenshot from EGM Issue 51 featuring her on the introduction screen with the other ghosts.[5]


Character Artwork[]

"Ghost Gang" Group Artwork[]

Other Group Artwork[]


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