"You may refer to me as Your Worst Nightmare."
— Spectral Fiend, Pac-Man World 3

The Spectral Fiend, called Your Worst Nightmare by himself and Mr. Nightmare by Pac-Man, is an ally of Erwin's seen in Pac-Man World 3. He appears orange with large yellow eyes and goat like horns. His main job is to capture the ghosts and use their power to help Erwin. It is unknown if he was the one to capture Inky and Clyde or if this was Erwin or one of his allies. He is first seen in level 3 where he tries to capture Pinky (who Pac-Man saves) and says his signature phrase "Let the games begin!". He captures Clyde in a cage on level 5 where Clyde is first seen in the game and Pac-Man ends up rescuing Clyde.

Special Powers and Defeat

The Spectral Fiend first shows his power in Level 3 when he survives falling into a pool of spectral energy and simply jumps back out. He can also control some spectral energy to make a portal (in which Spectral Creatures come out). He is defeated after he sends many Spectral Creatures upon Clyde. who defeats them all and gets to a Spectral Fountain and gains his Sonic Boo. Clyde uses his Sonic Boo to knock down the column in which the Spectral Fiend is on. The column hits a siphon and blows up both the siphon and the Spectral Fiend, never to be seen again by the players.


As said above, the Spectral Fiend appears with orange skin and large yellow eyes. He also has goat-like horns, and strangely enough, he has clean, white teeth.

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