The Genie of Pacdad is the 33rd episode of the Pac-Man animated series. It pairs with Computer Packy.

The Genie of Pacdad

The Genie of Pacdad


Pac-Man and Pepper were enjoying their trip to the beach while Pac-Baby wanted to build a sand castle. Pac tried building one, but it kept falling down. Pac-Baby started crying, and then Chomp-Chomp dug through the pile of sand and made an amazing sand castle and Chomp-Chomp and Pac-Baby went inside. Then Pac-Man decided to take a nap, then he caught something with his fishing pole. It was a green bottle, and Pac opened it, but there was nothing in it but 'Foul Air'.

Then a genie came out, yawned, and went back to rest. Then Pac threw it away and it landed on Inky. Blinky thinks it is suntan lotion and opens it, but nothing comes out. He says he thinks their out of sun screen, and the genie comes out once again. Blinky screams, "GENIE!!!!!" and runs to his friends. Clyde asks what is the big idea and Blinky said the genie was the big idea. The gang sees the genie and gets scared as the genie grabs them. Then the genie says whoever holds the bottle get 3 wishes, and then the ghosts got into a fight, and Clyde got the bottle. Clyde wishes they would all "shut their traps" and then their mouths disappeared. Then Clyde takes his wish back and their mouths Reappeared. Then Clyde wished for 1,000,000 wishes. And he said he'd be nice and split it up, 1 wish for Pinky, 1 for Inky, 1 for Blinky, 1 for Sue, and 999,996 for him. PacDad granted his wish while Pac-Man caught something, which gave Sue a great idea for a wish.

Pac-Man caught a small blue fish, and Clyde wished that the Genie would come with them to help chomp Pac-Man. Pac-Man saw the genie and screamed, "PEPPER!!!!" and then Pepper saw the genie. Then Super-Pac came to the rescue. He tried fighting the genie, but the genie flicked Super-Pac and Pac-Man and they fell into the portal. It led them to Super-Pac's home, which was a place filled with 4,000,000,003 portals. While that happened, The genie and the ghosts were ready for Pepper and Pac-Baby.

Then Pac and Super-Pac fell out of a portal and Pac-Man got the bottle. Then everyone else started getting the bottle and making wishes until Super-Pac wishes for a super power pellet. He then chomps the ghost and destroyed part of the beach. Then Pac-Man wished the portal would catch him. Then Pac-Baby gets the bottle and wishes for 100 Super-Pacs. Then Pac-Man faints in the end.


  • When Blinky says "No! We didn't do nothin'!" and Inky says "Go away!", they both swap voices.
  • Clyde should have wished that they were at the Power Pellet forest or they could take over Pac-Land.


  • Super-Pac's home is a spoof of the Sea of Holes from The Beatles: Yellow Submarine.