Tim is an orange ghost that appears in Jr. Pac-Man. Much like Sue in Ms. Pac-Man, he replaces Clyde, and looks virtually identical to both of them.



Original Tim sprite.

Jr. Pac-Man

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Tim first appeared alongside Blinky, Pinky, and Inky in Jr. Pac-Man. His role is identical to Clyde's in the original Pac-Man, and he looks identical to him as well. He starts on the right-hand side of the Ghost Home in the Maze's center, sitting next to Pinky.

While his movements are often described as being "random", Tim's movements are deliberate. Tim actually does directly chase Jr. Pac-Man (exactly the way Blinky does) most of the time; but when he gets within an eight-space radius of Junior, he starts to retreat to the lower-left corner of the maze.

The Sandbox Evolution

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In The Sandbox Evolution, after over three decades of absence in the Pac-Man series, Tim makes a return. He has a new peach color and black pupils, unlike the other ghosts. He moves up and down, similar to Funky's left and right movements.


  • In Jr. Pac-Man, due to the difference in the game's color palette, Tim is a slightly darker shade of orange compared to Clyde or Sue.
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