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"You idiots, my plans are already in motion! Pac-Man cannot be allowed to crash my party. Find him and destroy him!"

— Toc-Man, Pac-Man World

Toc-Man (トックマン Tokkuman) are a series of three robots created by Orson to impersonate the design of Pac-Man. While the first Toc-Man is the main antagonist of Pac-Man World, the others play the role of an ally or competitor in later games.


Pac-Man World series

Pac-Man World

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The first Toc-Man, as he appears in Pac-Man World, preparing to battle Pac-Man

Toc-Man as seen in Pac-Man World Repac

The first Toc-Man serves as the main antagonist in Pac-Man World. He sends various minions to kidnap Pac-Man's family and friends on Pac-Man's 20th birthday and has his henchmen hold them hostage in various locations throughout Ghost Island. In the game, Toc-Man is not encountered until the very end of the game, Toc-Man's Lair, where he serves as the final boss.

After Toc-Man is defeated, it is revealed that he was a robot being piloted by Orson, a ghost that was jealous of Pac-Man's popularity. Pac-Man ends up eating a Power Pellet and chomps Orson shortly after Toc-Man's defeat.

Pac-Man World 3

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Pac-Man controlling Toc-Man in Pac-Man World 3

The second Toc-Man appears in Pac-Man World 3. Unlike the first incarnation, it is a large battle mech that can be piloted by both Pac-Man and ghosts. It first appears in the Banni Wastelands, where Orson asks Pac-Man to help him calibrate Toc-Man. In Toc-Man Battle, Pac-Man and Blinky fight against Erwin's army of huge robots. Pac-Man uses Toc-Man's punch and Blinky does his Sonic Boo, which is amplified by Toc-Man's gun to help destroy the robots.

Pac-Man World Rally

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Toc-Man as seen in Pac-Man World Rally

The third Toc-Man robot is one of the playable characters in Pac-Man World Rally. He is classified as being a heavy racer and has the highest top speed in the game. However, he also has the lowest acceleration and handling stats. Unlike the other two models, this Toc-Man robot seems to act on its own, although Orson may actually be piloting it.


During the first phase of the fight, Toc-Man will attack by shooting fireballs (even starting off the battle with this attack). He then will use one of Pac-Man's abilities, that being Pac-Dot shoot. Pac-Man will get hurt if he gets hit by the shot, or the shockwave that comes after it. Toc-Man will leave Pac-Dots behind after his Pac-Dot shoot, and Pac-Man needs to eat these so he can shoot them at Toc-Man. The number of Pac-Dots will decrease if Pac-Man successfully shoots Toc-Man with them. Eventually, if Pac-Man gets all the Pac-Dots, then Toc-Man will resort to only shooting fireballs. Once Pac-Man lands all the Pac-Dot shots in Toc-Man, he will be magnetized to the center of the stage, and pillars will rise, allowing Pac-Man to butt-bounce the robot's head.

During the second phase, Toc-Man no longer shoots fireballs or uses the Pac-Dot shoot. Instead, he butt-bounces himself, hurting Pac-Man with shockwaves if the yellow hero is close enough. The amount of times Toc-Man will butt-bounce is random. During this part of the battle, Pac-Man must butt-bounce five blue switches to get Toc-Man magnetized to the center of the stage again, allowing him to deliver a butt-bounce of his own again. After repeating this process a couple of times, the third phase comes into the battle.

During the third phase of the fight, Toc-Man will still butt-bounce, but now use a new attack. He will charge up a rev-roll, while aiming at Pac-Man, and then roll around the arena in a circle twice. Pac-Man will get hurt if he's hit. Toc-Man's decision to rev-roll depends on how far Pac-Man is away from him. So if Pac-Man is up close, then he'll likely try to butt-bounce on him. If Pac-Man is far away enough, then Toc-Man will more likely attempt to hit him with a rev-roll. After rev-rolling, Toc-Man will get tired and sit on the ground for a while. This gives Pac-Man the opportunity to damage him with a rev-roll. If he doesn't in time, then Toc-Man will get back up and start attacking again. After rev-rolling into Toc-Man a few times, Pac-Man defeats his robotic look alike and earns victory.

Throughout the whole battle, there will be three red ghosts floating around the arena. Of course, touching one will hurt Pac-Man. But fortunately, they don't target him. So Pac-Man would most likely get hit by one if he's not paying attention.


  • "No, no, no! You idiots! I wanted gold streamers and red balloons! The DJ stinks, the banners are crooked and the cake should be chocolate!"
  • "You're gonna ruin my party!"
  • "What do you want?"
  • "I thought you had captured Pac-Man!"
  • "Well, here I am! Love me!"
  • "Don't run, how 'bout a hug?"
  • "You've interfered with my plans for the last time, Pac-Man!"
  • "Well, here I am. (Screams) That thing almost killed me! Medic!"


  • When a player gets a "Game Over" in Pac-Man World, Toc-Man appears and replaces the "Pac-Man World" logo with a "Toc-Man World" one. Eventually, the Toc will slide off the logo; yet Toc will continue taunting the player.
  • Toc-Man is named after Namcot, a now defunct Japanese division of Namco that dealt with home console releases in the mid-1980s, but spelled backwards.
  • Almost every time Pac-Man gets hit by one of Toc-Man's attacks, Toc-Man will stop to laugh at Pac-Man.
  • Pac-Man World 2 is the only Pac-Man World game not to have a Toc-Man robot.
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