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Toru Iwatani (岩谷徹) is the creator of Pac-Man. He was born in 1955 in a small town in Kyoto, Japan.

Iwatani is the writer of the early Pac-Man games in the series. He got the idea for Pac-Man when he ordered a pizza: after the first quarter was gone, it appeared as Pac-Man with his mouth open as seen in the original arcade game. Pac-Man is still famous and all credit goes to Iwatani.


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Later works

Iwatani developed Pac-Man Championship Edition for Xbox 360 in 2007, which was the last game he worked on. Iwatani left Namco in March 2007 and is now a lecturer at Tokyo Polytechnic University.

Other works

Toru Iwatani is responsible for making the Bomb-Bee series. Toru Iwatani also worked for the Namco/Midway and Namco/Bandai programs.


  • Iwatani states in a Yahoo Article, that one of the main reasons he began working on Pac-Man was to create a game that would be appealing to women as well as men. He has stated that at the time of Pac-Man's development, most arcade games were either focused on violence or targeted exclusively towards men. By developing a game featuring colorful characters with a focus on a concept familiar to everyone (eating), Iwatani hoped to expand the narrow focus of the video game industry and broaden the appeal of games to a much larger audience.
  • In Shadow Temple of Pac-Man World 3, Orson says the reason his teleporter didn't teleport Pac-Man's entire body was "a glitch in the Iwatani coil", which just happens to be the last name of the creator of the game itself.
  • Iwatani made a cameo appearance in the film Pixels, which prominently features Pac-Man as an antagonist. A fictionalized version of Iwatani, portrayed by Denis Akiyama, also appears in the film.