Just a random user who knows about this series, and roams around Wikia (or FANDOM as we should go by that now) helping out by adding pages about characters or other things that haven't been added yet to the wiki. I'm one of those users who are fond of Ghostly Adventures.

Here's some thoughts to share if anyone bothers reading this but, you know the developers who worked on Pac-Man World Rally, Smart Bomb Interactive (now known as their current name WildWorks) You know the MMO kids game Animal Jam they've developed as well? I don't think you know, as I think people outside of it's fandom don't care about this game cause of the demograph it's aiming for, but besides the Pac-Man references it has, there's an "element" that reminded me of Pac-Man in a way. Before we get into that, if you're curious for the references in the game, here's a list of few things about them:

  • Hedge Hog - The gameplay of this minigame plays like Pac-Man, but the maze designs are different, and you're required to collect the power-ups to complete the level besides eating the berries, the Pac-Dot equivalents of this minigame. The enemies that represents the ghosts are Proto-Phantoms, instead of coming out from a pen in the middle of the maze, six Proto-Phantoms spawn around the hedge maze as time passes. If you get the Power Crystals, the Power Pellet equivalent here, Proto-Phantoms will turn yellow (akin to the ghosts turning blue when vulnerable) which gives you the chance to go through and defeat them not eat them though.
  • Ghost Balloon - A back item worn by the animal avatar, the last two color variants of the item is red and blue which is an obvious reference to Blinky and Inky respectively.
  • Haunted Lamp May or may not be a reference, but the white variant of this item is colored white while the eyes and mouth are red almost similar when the vulnerability starts to wear off from a ghost.

That's all of the Pac-Man references, now getting to the point this "element" I've previously mentioned, the main antagonists of the series are Phantoms. They're enemies a player can encounter in Adventures, if a player is in their sight they'll chase them down then shock them until they "fall into a deep sleep" as what the game says. The game does have weapons the player can wear, but can never use it to attack directly at the Phantoms, only on objects, the time a player "attacks" a Phantom is using a Boomseed but it's not directly though.

In the first two adventures, Boomseeds aren't available until the third adventure where it's introduced... But there's a way that Phantoms can be defeated, something that resembles a venus flytrap called a Chomper Plant.

Here's finally the so-called "element" that reminds me of Pac-Man, what makes you question why I think of Pac-Man from the Chomper Plants? Well, they chomp at Phantoms when you lure them into these plants and since Phantoms are ghosts and Chomper Plants chomp them it may me realized that they're some sort of nod to Pac-Man since WildWorks/Smart Bomb Interactive originally developed a Pac-Man game, although, it's just a racing game.

Debunking the Rumors of what Pac-Man Adventures was going to be

Of course it's obvious that the information of the scrapped game Pac-Man Adventures from this wiki isn't true, as it's a creepypasta of sorts(?) I just wanted to add my thoughts about it on my userpage to point out.

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