The Pac-Land Volcano is a large volcano that is either located inside or next to the snow mountains of Pac-Land. In Pac-Man World 2, Pac-Man had to go inside this volcano to find the golden apple and to find his way to the ocean to swim from Pac-Land to Ghost Island. The volcano is in fact the most dangerous area in Pac-Land which is often active with lava raising up in the main vent of the volcano. Pac-Man first goes into the side vent of the volcano which is the level 'Into the Volcano' where there actually is darkness at first and then farther in the level, lava is found. Pac-Man then goes into the main vent inside the level 'Volcanic Panic' where a lot of Lava is found. Pac-Man must goes inside each of the lava tubes inside the main vent to active switches to keep lava from rising and to help Pac-Man get to the bottom of the main vent to go into the magma chamber. Pac-Man then finds his way through the magma chamber inside the level 'Magma Opus' to get into the Caldera and retrieve the golden apple.

Platforming Levels

- Into the Volcano (Side Vent)

- Volcanic Panic (Main Vent)

- Magma Opus (Magma Chamber)

Boss Level

- Clyde in the Caldera (Clyde's Fire-O-Matic in the Caldera)

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